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All Day Dining at Aquatica Orlando: What to Expect in 2024

All Day Dining At Aquatica Orlando: What To Expect In 2024

All Day Dining at Aquatica Orlando: What to Expect in 2024

When planning a visit to Aquatica Orlando, the All Day Dining Deal offers a convenient way to enjoy meals without stressing over food costs. This deal allows visitors to grab an entree, a side or dessert, and a non-alcoholic beverage once every 90 minutes at participating restaurants. It’s a plan designed to save you money while keeping you fueled for fun in the sun.

For adults and children over the age of 10, the cost is $41, while children under 10 can enjoy this deal for $21. Despite the potential for long wait times at food venues, as reported by some visitors, this deal can be particularly cost-effective if you plan to spend the whole day at the park and eat multiple meals.

However, it’s worth noting that there are only a few dining centers within the park, which could contribute to the longer wait times for food​​​​.

All Day Dining at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica hosts a variety of dining options that participate in the All Day Dining Deal. These include:

  • Papa’s Cantina, where guests can enjoy empanadas, glazed wings, and cookies.
  • Mango Market, offering salads, wraps, and frozen cocktails.
  • Waterstone Grill, with a menu of cheeseburgers, salads, and beers.
  • Banana Beach Cookout, serving BBQ selections like chicken, ribs, and pulled pork, along with salads, wraps, and personal pizzas. Note that Banana Beach Cookout is seasonally operational​​.

For those looking for quick-service options, Aquatica also has places like Kiwi Market, Ke-Re’s Bar, and Motu’s Beach Bar, offering a range of snacks, drinks, and quick meals, although these spots may not participate in the All Day Dining Deal​​.

It’s important to remember that the All Day Dining Deal does not include park admission, and you’ll need to purchase an entry ticket separately. The deal is valid for one day of unlimited dining at the park’s restaurants, once per hour, until the closing time. This makes it an attractive option for visitors looking to maximize their visit without worrying about meal expenses​​.

All Day Dining at Aquatica Orlando

Final Thoughts

The All Day Dining Deal at Aquatica Orlando can offer significant savings and convenience for visitors looking to enjoy a day of waterpark fun without the hassle of meal planning.

Just be prepared for potential wait times and plan your dining around off-peak hours to make the most of this deal.

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