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Are Luggage Trolleys Free to Use at Gatwick Airport?

Are Luggage Trolleys Free To Use At Gatwick Airport?

Navigating through Gatwick Airport can often bring its own set of challenges, especially when carrying luggage. Understanding the amenities such as the availability of luggage trolleys at Gatwick Airport can transform your experience from stressful to seamless.

For those wondering, “Are luggage trolleys free at Gatwick Airport?” we’ve compiled the essential information to guide you through the use of trolleys, fees involved, and available facilities, ensuring that you roll through the airport with ease as you embark on your journey in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Trolley Access: Easily find and use luggage trolleys at Gatwick’s North and South Terminals for a smooth airport experience.
  • Simple Payment: A refundable £1 deposit (also in euros or US quarters) is all you need to hire a trolley, with no card payments required.
  • Extra Space Tip: Use Boots Airport Click and Collect to save suitcase space by ordering travel essentials ahead and picking them up after security.

Luggage Trolleys Gatwick Airport

The Availability of Luggage Trolleys at Gatwick Airport

As you step into the bustling environment of Gatwick Airport, having access to a luggage trolley can significantly ease your transit.

Travellers can find trolleys strategically positioned throughout the airport, ensuring that you’re always just a few steps away from seamless navigation.

Locations for Luggage Trolleys at Gatwick

At Gatwick’s North Terminal, you will find trolleys conveniently available in the atrium just inside the terminal entry doors.

For those at the South Terminal, a similar ease of access is granted with trolleys positioned on the forecourt.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or returning from abroad, these critical points are laden with trolleys, all set to bear the weight of your baggage.

How to Use Luggage Trolleys at Gatwick Airport

Using luggage trolleys at Gatwick could not be simpler. A £1 deposit is required to release a trolley from its bay, this deposit is refunded once the trolley is returned to its designated location.

For those short on change, the airport has anticipated your needs with change machines situated within both terminals.

Luggage Trolleys Gatwick Airport

Accepted Payment Methods for Trolley Hire

When it comes to payment for trolley hire Gatwick ensures convenience and accessibility for travellers from around the globe.

The airport accepts deposits in various currencies such as British pounds, euros and US quarters, admirably accommodating an international clientele.

It should be noted, however, that for the moment, credit or debit card payments are not supported for trolley hire transactions at the airport.

Though many might assume that trolley hire would incur an uncompensated cost, it’s reassuring to know that the deposit you pay at Gatwick Airport is entirely refundable, making the trolleys free to use as long as they are returned to the correct location after use.

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Gatwick Airport’s trolley service is practical and easy to use. You need a pound, a euro, or a quarter to unlock a trolley, but you get it back when you return the trolley. This system encourages people to return the trolleys, which helps the airport and is also eco-friendly.

The trolley service shows Gatwick Airport’s dedication to making travel easier for passengers. It’s just one of the ways the airport works to improve the travel experience, from quick check-in to providing trolleys.

For travellers, small things like an easy-to-use trolley system can make a big difference. It makes your journey less complicated, from check-in to boarding. Gatwick Airport aims to provide a full range of services that modern travellers find very useful.

Luggage Trolleys Gatwick Airport


Are the luggage trolleys at Gatwick Airport free to use?

Luggage trolleys at Gatwick Airport are not free at the point of use but operate on a refundable deposit system. Travellers can obtain a trolley by paying a deposit of £1, €1, or 25¢, which is returned to them when they return the trolley to a designated bay.

Where can I find luggage trolleys at Gatwick Airport?

Luggage trolleys are available at various strategic locations including the terminal entry doors, baggage reclaim areas, and the arrivals concourse. In the North Terminal, they can be found in the atrium, while in the South Terminal, they are accessible on the forecourt.

How do I use luggage trolleys at Gatwick Airport?

To use a luggage trolley, you need to insert a £1, €1, or 25¢ coin to release the trolley. Once you are done with it, simply return the trolley to a designated collection bay and retrieve your refundable deposit.

Can I use cash or credit card for the luggage trolley hire at Gatwick Airport?

The luggage trolley service at Gatwick Airport currently only accepts coinage for the hire which includes a £1, €1 coin or 25¢. Hence, it’s important for travellers to carry some form of suitable coinage as credit or debit cards are not accepted for this service.

Is there assistance available at Gatwick Airport for passengers who need help with their luggage?

Gatwick Airport offers a range of assistance services for passengers requiring help with their luggage. Passengers can find information desks in the terminal buildings to enquire about additional help, including assistance with luggage trolleys.

What are the benefits of the deposit system for luggage trolley usage at Gatwick Airport?

The refundable deposit system encourages passengers to return the trolleys after use, ensuring trolleys are readily available for other travellers. The system also minimises the potential for trolleys to be left in inappropriate areas, helping to keep the airport tidy and safe.

Are there any change machines available at Gatwick Airport if I don’t have the correct coins for a trolley?

Yes, Gatwick Airport provides change machines at the terminals to facilitate passengers in getting the correct coinage for the trolley deposit.

Can I use my own currency for the luggage trolley deposit at Gatwick Airport?

Yes, Gatwick Airport’s trolleys accept several currencies for the deposit – specifically £1, €1, or 25¢ from US currency. This acknowledges the diverse passenger base that travels through the airport.

What should I do if I have problems with a luggage trolley at Gatwick Airport?

If you encounter any issues with a luggage trolley, report the problem to staff members who are typically present near the trolley collection bays or seek assistance at one of the airport information desks.

How long has Gatwick Airport provided luggage trolleys to passengers?

Gatwick Airport has been providing luggage trolley services for many years and continues to invest in facilities to make the experience as convenient as possible for passengers.

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