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Fly Drive Florida: Plan the Perfect Route for your Fly Drive Holiday

Fly Drive Florida: Plan The Perfect Route For Your Fly Drive Holiday

A fly drive holiday in Florida is an unforgettable adventure that offers a unique blend of freedom and discovery. This type of holiday involves flying to your chosen destination and then renting a car to explore at your own pace.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the exciting world of fly drive holidays. We’ll explain what they involve, from the thrill of hitting the open road to the joy of crafting your own unique itinerary.

Whether your interests lie in the adrenaline-filled theme parks of Orlando or the tranquil beaches of the Gulf Coast, a fly drive holiday provides the flexibility to explore these and more at your leisure.

With our guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the planning process and prepare for a holiday that’s truly your own, where the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Freedom to Explore: Experience the thrill of a self-drive holiday in Florida, offering the freedom to craft your own journey and explore diverse attractions at your leisure.
  • Diverse Destinations: Discover Florida’s stunning beaches, vibrant cities, and thrilling theme parks, all accessible with the flexibility of a fly drive holiday.
  • Simplified Planning: Enjoy a hassle-free holiday with exclusive discounts and perks when booking flight and car rental packages, making your Florida adventure more enjoyable and affordable.

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What is a Fly Drive Holiday?

A Fly Drive holiday, also known as a self-drive or road trip holiday, is a travel package that combines flights and car rental, allowing you to explore your destination at your own pace.

Upon landing, you pick up your rental car and embark on your own unique journey, following a route that you’ve either planned beforehand or that you choose as you go along.

This type of holiday offers the freedom to explore diverse landscapes, cities, and attractions, and to adjust your itinerary as you wish, making every trip a unique adventure.

It’s perfect for those who love the open road and the thrill of discovery.

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Unlock Florida’s Treasures with a Fly Drive Holiday

Discover Florida’s treasures on a Fly Drive holiday. From the moment your flight touches down, you’re free to explore. Traveling by car offers unparalleled freedom to explore at your own pace.

From the Kennedy Space Center to the glorious beaches of the Gulf Coast and the pulsating city life in Miami, the Sunshine State has something for everyone.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Orlando with a leisurely detour along the Gulf Coast or a quick getaway to Miami followed by a road trip to the Florida Keys, a Fly Drive holiday lets you mix it up.

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Your Gateway to the Gulf Coast

For beach enthusiasts, Florida’s Gulf Coast, dubbed the Sunshine State, is a destination not to be missed.

With its gorgeous beaches – Fort Myers Beach, Tigertail Beach, Pensacola Beach, Sanibel Island, Marco Island, Siesta Key, and Venice Beach – it’s easy to see why this region is a favourite among travellers.

These stunning beaches are more than just a pretty face; they’re known for their amazing sunsets, super soft sand, crystal-clear waters, and unique sand types. There’s also a rich array of sea creatures and beautiful natural surroundings to explore.

Yet, the Gulf Coast offers more than just pristine beaches. Venture south and you’ll discover cool attractions like:

  • The Ringling museum
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • The Naples Botanical Garden
  • St. Armands Circle

For the adventurous, a swamp buggy ride at Babcock Ranch Preserve in Punta Gorda offers a truly memorable experience.

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The Allure of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offers an unmatched island paradise experience. Known for its crystal-clear waters and relaxed vibe, the Keys offer a unique blend of enchanting natural beauty and rich cultural history.

From the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to The Turtle Hospital, there’s a wealth of attractions to explore in the Keys.

For those who want to get up close and personal with the marine life, the ‘Become a Reef Explorer’ dive and snorkel program is a must-try.

This underwater adventure allows you to see the awesome marine life and interact with unique wildlife like the Lower Keys marsh rabbit and the famous Key deer.

The Keys are also steeped in history, originally inhabited by the Calusa and Tequesta tribes and later mapped out by Juan Ponce de León in 1513.

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Orlando’s Theme Park Thrills

Orlando is well-known for its numerous theme parks, including SeaWorld Orlando. From the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to Universal Studios and Legoland, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement in this city.

In terms of timing, the best periods to visit Universal Studios Orlando are after Labor Day through the middle of October, mid-January through mid-February, and late August through September. With a car rental that offers unlimited mileage, you can fully enjoy the adventure without worrying about the distance.

As for the cost, ticket prices for Walt Disney World start at $109 for ages 10 and up. Universal Studios also offers tickets starting at $109, which includes skipping the regular lines one time per participating ride.

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Tailor Your Florida Fly Drive Experience

Tailor your Fly Drive holiday to reflect your uniqueness. That’s why you get to choose from a range of vehicles that suit your preferences, from budget-friendly compact cars to cool convertibles and spacious minivans for large groups.

Choose Your Perfect Ride

Selecting a suitable vehicle is vital for an enjoyable road trip across Florida. The long, diverse routes require a car that can handle different terrains and offer plenty of space for comfort. If you’re planning to traverse hilly areas or rural roads, an SUV or truck is your best bet.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try out different cars and see what suits you best. And remember, while compact cars are great for city driving, SUVs provide a different experience altogether. They have a higher centre of gravity, which affects handling, especially during windy conditions.

Plus, their powerful engines offer different acceleration and braking dynamics. And let’s not forget about the luxury SUVs, which come with advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems, making the drive safer and more comfortable.

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Fly In Style with Virgin Atlantic

Kickstart your Florida adventure with Virgin Atlantic. The airline offers flights to Orlando International Airport, Tampa International Airport, and Miami International Airport, bringing you closer to your desired destinations in Florida.

On board, you’ll enjoy a host of amenities including:

  • hot and cold drinks
  • in-flight entertainment
  • if you’re in premium economy, additional comforts like a pillow, blanket, noise-cancelling headphones, and an amenity kit

Virgin Atlantic also offers more flights to Florida during the summer months and the cheapest times to fly are in January and February.

Plus, Virgin Atlantic ensures a comfortable journey for passengers with disabilities, offering airport assistance and support throughout the journey.

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Journey Through the Deep South

A Fly Drive holiday encompasses more than just the destination; it’s about the journey too.

And what better journey than one that takes you through the Deep South?

Here, you can:

  • Explore the unique culture in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee
  • Hang out in jazz bars and dance halls
  • Visit music venues in Nashville
  • Experience the culinary history of New Orleans

The Deep South is also rich in history, with iconic landmarks like:

  • The Country Music Hall of Fame
  • RCA Studio B
  • The Johnny Cash Museum
  • The Grand Ole Opry

Just waiting to be explored. Plus, the Self-Drive New Orleans to Miami tour takes you through Louisiana and Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle, and then along the Gulf Coast as you head south.

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Coastal Drives and City Vibes

Florida offers more than just theme parks and beaches. It’s also about the coastal drives and city vibes, and there’s no better way to experience this than on a self-drive holiday.

The Self-Drive New Orleans to Miami tour is perfect for beach lovers, offering a chance to soak in the seaside vibe of the beautiful turquoise waters and powder-soft sandy beaches, including the famous South Beach.

Apart from the beaches, the tour also takes you to diverse city experiences and must-see attractions like:

  • Mobile
  • Gulf Coast Islands
  • Major theme parks
  • Pensacola
  • Apalachicola National Forest

Truly, a Fly drive holiday in Florida is a perfect blend of coastal drives and city vibes.

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Planning Made Simple: Fly Drive Holidays with Added Perks

While planning a holiday can be overwhelming, opting for a Fly Drive holiday simplifies the process.

With exclusive discounts available when you book flight and car rental packages through specific travel providers like Virgin Holidays and British Airways Holidays, you can save more while getting more.

These packages often include additional perks such as ATOL protection and the flexibility to choose your desired duration of travel.

For Executive Club members, the benefits get even sweeter. You can rack up Avios on every rental, get a free extra driver, and score more Avios when you book an Avis car.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a Fly Drive holiday in Florida is more than just a trip; it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

From the stunning beaches of the Gulf Coast to the thrilling theme parks in Orlando, from the serene vibes of the Florida Keys to the cultural richness of the Deep South, each destination offers a unique experience.

And with the freedom to explore at your own pace, your Florida adventure will be filled with unforgettable memories.

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How does a fly drive holiday work?

A fly-drive holiday works by flying to your first destination, picking up a rental car, and embarking on a flexible road trip, allowing you to explore different places before returning the car at the airport and flying home. It’s a great way to combine expertly planned itineraries with the freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want.

Does TUI fly drive include hotels?

No, TUI fly drive packages do not include hotels. However, you can book accommodation separately from a range of available properties.

What is Fly Drive package?

A fly-drive package includes both flights and car rental for your holiday, making it convenient and cost-effective for exploring your destination.

What kind of vehicle is ideal for a long road trip across Florida?

An SUV or truck is ideal for a long road trip across Florida, especially for navigating hilly areas or rural roads.

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