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What is the Weather Like in Orlando Florida in December

What Is The Weather Like In Orlando Florida In December

What is the Weather Like in Orlando Florida in December

Are you contemplating a trip to the Sunshine State this winter? If you’re planning to visit Orlando, taking note of the Orlando weather in December is essential for an impeccable journey. Renowned for its temperate climate, Florida invites travellers from all corners, especially during the cooler seasons. Orlando’s averages during December boast temperatures that hover comfortably around 16°C (60°F), a stark contrast to the chilly climates elsewhere.

A visit to Orlando during this month is characterised by ample sunshine, allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors without bracing against the biting cold. This period marks one of the driest in Florida, so your trip is likely to be accompanied by clear skies. Whether you’re venturing to the theme parks or simply relishing the local scenery, December’s weather in Orlando offers the perfect backdrop for your stay.

What is the Weather Like in Orlando Florida in December

Overview of Orlando’s December Climate

While contemplating the venture to Orlando in December, understanding the nuances of the region’s winter climate will enhance your holiday experience. The atmospheric conditions during this month offer a respite from the intense heat of summer, with a moderate and inviting temperature range apt for exploring the urban sprawl and the enchanting outskirts of the city.

Average Temperatures in December

Throughout December, the climate in Orlando presents a pleasant average high of approximately 23°C (73°F). As dusk settles, the mercury dips to a mild average low of 11°C (51°F), and these temperatures invite travellers to enjoy the city’s offerings, both by day and by night. A light jacket may serve you well during this time, especially for those clearer winter evenings when cooler air prevails.

Sunshine and Daylight Hours

In the winter season, Orlando experiences some of its shortest days, as daylight retreats earlier than the extended summer evenings. Nonetheless, the sunshine remains bright during these daylight hours, bestowing ample time for visitors to immerse themselves in outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls to riveting theme park adventures before the setting sun conceives the starlit skies.

Rainfall and Humidity Levels

The December climate is characterised by relatively low humidity levels, contributing greatly to the comfort felt when meandering through Orlando’s many attractions. Rainfall is seldom a concern with infrequent light rain, yet it’s sensible to come prepared for possible swift showers. The overall precipitation is low, promising many rain-free days for an unhampered holiday spirit.

What to Expect Weather-wise When Visiting Orlando in December

Embracing the festive cheer and delightful cooler climate, visitors to Orlando in December will revel in the seasonal weather which is perfect for a plethora of outdoor activities and theme park adventures. With comfortable daytime temperatures, this is an optimal time to explore the wonders of Universal Studios, Disney World, and the array of attractions along International Drive.

Theme Parks and Outdoor Activities

The renowned theme parks of Orlando are the crown jewels of the holiday experience. Thanks to Orlando’s mild December weather, guests can relish in the thrill of roller coasters and enchanting shows without the overwhelming heat that often accompanies Florida summers. Water parks, too, remain an attractive option with heated pools ensuring a warm and inviting swim. The bustling International Drive offers endless outdoor activities that are even more enjoyable in the pleasant December climate.

A blue sky with white fluffy clouds overhead, shining sunbeams and palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. A family laughing and enjoying a thrilling roller coaster ride in a crowded theme park, while others take a leisurely boat tour under clear skies. A group of friends splashing in a water park, surrounded by tall slides and colorful floats, all set against the backdrop of sunny Orlando in December.

Preparing for Evenings and Nights

Although the days are filled with sunshine and moderate temperatures, evenings in Orlando can bring cooler air. It is advisable to have a light jacket on hand when the sun sets, as temperatures can dip and create a chill in the air, particularly noticeable during night-time events or strolls through the parks. This ensures comfort and enjoyment as you indulge in Orlando’s vibrant nightlife or explore the holiday lights and decorations adorning the city.

Special Events and Holiday Season Weather

Orlando’s December weather lends itself perfectly to the array of special events occurring throughout the holiday season. Visitors can anticipate Christmas celebrations at Disney and Universal Studios, complete with dazzling lights and seasonal shows, all set against a backdrop of favourable weather conditions. This festive period is embellished with the joyous atmosphere and seasonal weather that make any holiday celebration in Orlando truly magical.

What is the Weather Like in Orlando Florida in December


Embarking on a journey to Orlando, Florida in December is to embrace a climate that is nothing short of ideal for a festive holiday escape. With temperatures remaining buoyant and favourable for all sorts of daytime excursions and congenial evening entertainments, it’s clear why so many choose this period for their holiday. To visit Orlando during this yuletide month is to indulge in a seamless blend of hospitality, warmth, and jubilant spirits, underscored by a climate that accommodates both comfort and pleasure.

As you plan your trip, remember to prepare for the full spectrum of Orlando weather a light jacket for the odd brisk night, and perhaps an umbrella, just in case those sporadic showers decide to grace your adventure. With the majority of days promising clear skies and golden sunshine, your December itinerary can be packed with uninterrupted visits to the renowned theme parks, delightful strolls through festively adorned parks, and the exploration of local attractions. Additionally, the myriad of Orlando hotels offer cosy retreats after days rich with activity and exploration.

What is the Weather Like in Orlando Florida in December


What is the weather like in Orlando Florida in December?

The weather in Orlando, Florida in December is typically mild with average temperatures around 16°C (60°F). You can expect plenty of sunshine and less rainfall as it is one of the driest months, making it a great time for a trip to enjoy the Florida climate.

What are the average temperatures in Orlando during December?

December in Orlando has an average high temperature of roughly 23°C (73°F) during the day, with evening temperatures usually dropping to an average low of 11°C (51°F). This comfortable climate is perfect for exploring the city and its attractions.

How many hours of sunshine can I expect during a day in December?

Orlando experiences shorter daylight hours in December due to the winter season, but there is still plenty of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the day. The sun typically rises around 07:00 and sets early in comparison to summer months.

Should I be prepared for rain in December?

While December is one of the driest months in Orlando, occasional light rain can happen, so it’s wise to be prepared with rain gear just in case. Rainfall is usually minimal, so it shouldn’t disrupt most outdoor plans.

What should I wear to Orlando’s theme parks in December?

Dressing in layers is recommended when visiting Orlando’s theme parks in December. You’ll be comfortable in light clothing and long pants during the day, and it’s a good idea to have a light jacket for the evenings as the temperatures can drop.

Are the water parks in Orlando open in December, and is it warm enough to swim?

Yes, Orlando’s water parks typically remain open year round. Many of the water parks have heated pools, ensuring that swimming is still a pleasant activity even in December’s milder temperatures.

How should I prepare for evenings and nights in Orlando during December?

As temperatures can drop in the evenings, it’s advisable to bring a light jacket for nighttime activities. Also, consider packing some warmer clothing like a sweater or a long-sleeve top to stay comfortable throughout the night.

What special events or holiday celebrations can I enjoy in Orlando during December?

December is a festive time in Orlando with holiday events and Christmas celebrations taking place throughout the city, especially at theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. You can enjoy seasonal parades, shows, and decorations, all in the pleasant December weather.

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