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Breakfast at Disney World: The Best Breakfast Spots in the Parks (2024)

Breakfast At Disney World: The Best Breakfast Spots In The Parks (2024)

The Best Places to get Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Starting your day with a hearty Disney World breakfast is not just about grabbing a bite – it’s an entire experience!

If you believe that breakfast truly sets the tone for the day, especially when vacationing at Disney World, then we’ve got the details for you.

Even if you aren’t a breakfast lover, stick around. We’re dishing on the top spots for morning grub and unique meals that may completely revamp your breakfast game.

Breakfast at Disney World

The Best Places to get Breakfast at Disney World

From quick service restaurants to luxury dining we’ve got you covered!

Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café:

Located conveniently for those heading towards the Expedition Everest ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe is your go-to for breakfast bowls and delightful English muffin breakfast sandwiches.

Looking for something a tad sweeter? How about French toast sticks? And yes, grown-ups can totally order from the kid’s menu. Why not save a few bucks?

Kona Island:

Nestled on the second floor of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Kona Island isn’t just about its location. This spot is known for unique pastries like the Mocha Kona Muffin and their exclusive Kona Blend coffee.

However, keep in mind it has limited seating. Need something more spacious with the famous Tonga Toast? Head to Captain Cook’s quick service right downstairs.


If you’re over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa offers a unique blend of quick and classy breakfasts.

With an African twist to their dishes, you can get traditional breakfasts or dive into something like the Shahi Tukra French Toast.

Breakfast at Disney World

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments:

All about waffles? Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Magic Kingdom is your spot. From traditional Mickey-shaped waffles to the loaded fresh fruit waffle sandwich, you’re in for a treat.

And if waffles aren’t your vibe, Fantasyland’s Gaston’s Tavern has some epic cinnamon rolls waiting.

Ronto Roasters:

Star Wars fans, this is the breakfast spot you’ve been looking for! Nestled in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Ronto Roasters is more than just a tribute to a galaxy far, far away.

While their breakfast menu isn’t vast, it’s filled with deliciousness. Their standout Ronto Morning Wrap is a delightful combo of eggs, grilled pork sausage, cheddar, and peppercorn sauce, tucked inside pita bread. ,

For our plant-loving friends, the Triple Suns Breakfast Wrap has a twist with plant-based eggs and smoky chickpea-onion slaw. Not in the mood for wraps?

Dive into the colourful and flavourful Rising Moon Overnight Oats, complete with a touch of dragon fruit.

Hollywood Scoops:

Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast? At Hollywood Scoops, start your day with waffles – and not just any waffles.

Before the ice cream scoops take over, relish the waffle platter. These aren’t your regular waffles; they’re iconic Mickey-shaped waffles, generously topped with fresh blueberries, whipped cream, and syrup. Morning sweetness achieved!


Every coffee enthusiast’s BFF at Disney World, Joffrey’s has multiple kiosks sprinkled around each park. Can’t wait to get inside for your coffee fix?

Some kiosks are even before park entrances! While their diverse coffee selections cater to all, their doughnuts are next level.

Sourced from Central Florida’s renowned Donut King, these massive treats, be it pink, blue, or cookies and cream, complement your coffee perfectly.

It’s the classic duo of coffee and doughnuts making for a quick and delightful breakfast at Disney World.

best disney world breakfast

All You Can Eat Breakfasts at Disney World

If filling up your plate again and again sounds like the ideal way to kick off your day, Disney World’s breakfast buffets and family-style servings are calling your name.

Yes, they might be on the pricier side, but the bounty of offerings ensures value for your buck.

Ale & Compass:

Over at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Ale & Compass breaks the buffet mould. Don’t get swayed by its sleek ambiance; everyone’s welcome! Known for its New England-style comfort foods, breakfast here has its own charm.

Instead of the usual buffet drill, here you’re treated with unlimited sides like yogurt parfaits, overnight oats, pastries, and more. But the star? You can order a main entrée from the breakfast menu. Choices range from the indulgent dark chocolate waffles to the savoury crab cake Benedict.

Breakfast at Disney World has never been so refined!

Boma :

At Boma, enjoy American breakfasts alongside African-inspired dishes, like the delicious turkey bobotie.

Plus, don’t miss out on the Striped and Spiked Cold Brew for a delightful cocktail treat. Tip: Scan the buffet before diving in to make the best selections!

Trail’s End:

Offering family-style meals, Trail’s End brings the buffet to your table. Dive into classics like Mickey-shaped Waffles and indulge in Cheesy Potato Casserole.

Dietary needs? Inform your server for adjustments.

Whispering Canyon Cafe:

Feast on unlimited skillets! Choices range from traditional breakfast items in the Heritage skillet to meat-heavy options in the Carnivore. Lighter appetites can opt for the Lighter Side skillet.

Alternatively, explore a la carte options.

best disney world breakfast

Character Dining Breakfast Options at Disney World

Cape May Cafe: Situated at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, this café offers both classic and unique breakfast options. Usually a character dining spot, it often features Minnie and friends.

Topolino’s Terrace: At Disney’s Riviera Resort, breakfast is an event with Mickey and his artistic pals. Price is set, but the menu options, from steaks to waffles, are worth it.

‘Ohana: Dive into Hawaiian flavours with family-style skillets. Special mention: Stitch waffles!

Hollywood and Vine: A buffet spread that includes unique options like Salmon and Bagel Casserole. Character interactions include Disney Junior stars in the morning and traditional favorites in the evening.

Tusker House: Located in Animal Kingdom’s Africa section, experience American and African-inspired dishes. Mickey & Simba waffles are a must-try. Don’t miss out on the Durban Chicken & Egg Curry.

Chef Mickey’s: At Disney’s Contemporary Resort, get energized with Mickey and pals. Apart from regular offerings, try unique dishes like the loaded potato cheese casserole.

Cinderella’s Royal Table: Located in Magic Kingdom, it’s more about the royal ambiance than character encounters. Enjoy Royal Avocado Toast and Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast.

Final Thoughts

Starting your day at Disney World with a hearty breakfast isn’t just about fuelling up for the hours ahead—it’s about embracing the magic from the very first bite.

From savoury to sweet options, the diverse offerings cater to every taste and preference.

As the sun rises over the iconic castle, there’s no better way to prepare for the enchantment and excitement that awaits than with a delightful morning meal. It sets the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your most popular questions on the getting Breakfast at Disney World.

When does breakfast start at Disney World?

Breakfast times can vary by location, but typically, most breakfasts at Disney World restaurants start around 7:00 AM or 7:30 AM, especially if they’re inside a park that has early opening hours. Always check specific restaurant hours before planning.

Does Disney World offer character breakfasts?

Yes, Disney World offers several character breakfast experiences where guests can meet and greet with Disney characters while enjoying their meal. Popular venues include Chef Mickey’s and Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Should I make reservations for breakfast at Disney World?

Reservations are highly recommended, especially for sit-down restaurants and character dining experiences. Due to the popularity of many dining locations, it’s best to book in advance through the Disney World website or My Disney Experience app.

Where can I get quick-service breakfast at Disney World?

Each of the four theme parks and the resorts have quick-service locations that offer breakfast items. For instance, Magic Kingdom has Sleepy Hollow and Be Our Guest (for the quick-service breakfast option), among others.

Is breakfast included in my Disney World hotel stay?

Breakfast is not automatically included in standard Disney World hotel stays. However, some package deals might include dining plans, which can be used for breakfast. It’s always best to check the specifics of your booking.

Can you get gluten-free breakfast at Disney World?

Yes, many restaurants at Disney World offer gluten-free breakfast options. It’s recommended to note dietary restrictions when making a dining reservation. Disney is known for accommodating various dietary needs.

What is the typical cost of breakfast at Disney World?

The cost can vary widely based on where you dine. Quick-service breakfasts might range from $5 to $15, while sit-down restaurants or character dining experiences can be $20 to $60 or more per person.

Can I bring my own breakfast into the Disney World parks?

Yes, guests are allowed to bring their own food items into the parks, including breakfast items. However, there are restrictions on the type of containers you can bring, and large coolers are not permitted.

Where can I find menus for Disney World breakfast locations?

Menus for all Disney World restaurants can be found on the official Disney World website and the My Disney Experience app. These are updated regularly and include prices.

Are there vegan or vegetarian breakfast options available at Disney World?

Yes, many Disney World restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian breakfast options. When making a reservation or upon arrival, you can inquire about these specific dietary options.

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