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Can You Vape at Disney World? Understanding Disney’s Smoking Policy

Can You Vape At Disney World? Understanding Disney’s Smoking Policy

With the rise in popularity of vaping, navigating the smoking policies in popular destinations like Disney World can be a challenge. As a vaper, you may wonder, “can you vape at Disney World?” and where and when you’re allowed to vape in the happiest place on Earth.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through Disney World’s smoking policy, designated smoking areas, and how to plan your visit without missing out on the magic.

Key Takeaways

  • Vaping Policy: Disney World prohibits vaping inside the parks, but provides designated smoking areas outside for guests.
  • Hotel Accommodations: Disney Resort hotels offer specific outdoor areas for vaping, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests who vape.
  • Alternatives Available: For those who wish to avoid vaping in the parks, Disney World allows the use of nicotine gum and patches as alternatives.

walt disney world designated outdoor smoking areas

Vaping Rules at the Magic Kingdom

If you’re planning a visit to the Magic Kingdom, you should be aware that vaping inside the park is prohibited. Disney World has adopted a strict no-smoking policy, which includes vaping, to create a more family-friendly environment. This means that if you’re caught vaping inside the park, you may face consequences such as being approached by security personnel and potentially being expelled from the park.

So, what’s the solution if you wish to vape during your Magic Kingdom visit? Guests are required to utilize the designated smoking areas located outside the park. These areas are conveniently situated near the entrances of the Walt Disney World Resort, so you can take a break from the park and enjoy your vape without breaking any rules. Bear in mind that these rules are applicable across all Disney venues – the Magic Kingdom, other theme parks, water parks, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

As a responsible vaper, it’s imperative to follow Disney World’s smoking policies and those of its other parks. Taking the time to locate designated smoking areas and adhering to the rules will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your fellow guests.

walt disney world designated outdoor smoking areas

Finding Designated Smoking Areas

Clear signage near park entrances will guide you to the designated smoking areas at Disney World. EPCOT has two designated smoking areas. The first one is located right outside the main entrance, while the second one is outside the International Gateway entrance. These designated areas ensure that both smokers and non-smokers can enjoy their visit to the park without any inconvenience.

To make locating these smoking areas even easier, there is a map available that delineates the locations of all designated smoking areas at Disney World. This map can be found on the website Notes from Neverland, helping both smokers and non-smokers alike to be aware of where they can and cannot vape or smoke during their visit.

walt disney world designated outdoor smoking areas

Disney Resort Hotels and Vaping Accommodations

While the Disneyland theme parks have strict rules regarding vaping, Disney Resort hotels offer some accommodations for guests who vape or smoke. Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas at Disney Resort hotels, including Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This provides guests with an opportunity to relax and enjoy their vape without being confined to the theme park’s designated smoking areas.

Nonetheless, be aware that Disney Resort hotels enforce certain restrictions to uphold a family-friendly environment. Smoking is not allowed in guest rooms or on balconies due to the banned smoking policy. If vaping is observed in non-designated areas at Disney Resort hotels, guests will be requested to cease the activity and relocate to a designated smoking area. Disney expects visitors to comply with these directives to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.

Respecting the smoking policy at Disney Resort hotels ensures a pleasant vaping experience without disturbing other guests or risking penalties. Remember to always use the designated outdoor areas and avoid vaping in your hotel room or balcony.

walt disney world designated outdoor smoking areas

Compliance and Cast Member Roles

Disney World strictly enforces its no-smoking policy, with cast members and security personnel playing a significant role in its implementation. Disney cast members receive training to ensure adherence to the no-smoking policy, which includes knowledge of smoking locations and designated areas. They are responsible for maintaining a family-friendly environment and addressing any smoking violations that may occur.

In the event of a smoking violation, Disney park security personnel manage the situation by issuing personnel violation notices to both Disney and the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID). These notices can result in fines for the violators. Furthermore, guests who smoke in Disney Resort hotel rooms, on balconies, or patios may be charged a room-recovery fee ranging from $250 to $500.

Understanding the repercussions of smoking or vaping in unauthorized areas at Disney World is key to a pleasant visit. By adhering to the rules and respecting the no-smoking policy, you can avoid fines or removal from the park and ensure a magical experience for yourself and others.

Can You Vape at Disney World?

Alternatives to Smoking and Vaping in the Parks

If you’re looking for substitutes to smoking and vaping while at Disney World, there are viable alternatives. Guests are permitted to bring and utilize nicotine gum, nicotine patches, or other nicotine replacement products. This allows you to manage your nicotine cravings without violating Disney’s smoking policies.

Another approach to accommodating your vaping or smoking needs is to plan breaks outside the park, where designated outdoor smoking areas are available. By scheduling these breaks throughout your day, you can enjoy your visit to Disney World without compromising your vaping habits or inconveniencing other guests.


In conclusion, navigating Disney World’s smoking policy as a vaper requires awareness and respect for the rules. By utilizing designated smoking areas outside the theme parks and at Disney Resort hotels, adhering to the no-smoking policy, and exploring alternative nicotine replacement options, you can ensure a magical experience for both yourself and fellow guests.

Can You Vape at Disney World?


Can you bring a vape into Disney World parks?

Smoking and vaping of tobacco, e-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapor or smoke is not allowed inside Disney World parks, the Esplanade between the parks, Downtown Disney District and hotel. Guests may smoke in designated outdoor smoking areas located outside the park entry points and at specified areas in Disney Resort hotels and Disney Springs.

Why are wagons not allowed at Disney?

For the safety and convenience of all guests, wagons are not permitted at Disney, with the exception of those with medical needs. This is to avoid congestion and maintain the flow of guests in the park.

Can you bring a cooler into Disney World?

You can bring a cooler into Disney World, as long as it does not exceed 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm). Loose or dry ice is not permitted, so it is recommended to use reusable ice packs instead.

What happens if you get caught smoking in Disney World?

If you get caught smoking in Disney World, you will be subject to a room recovery fee of $250 to $500 plus tax.

Can you buy nicotine products at Disney World?

No, nicotine products are not sold at Disney World. However, they can be bought from nearby locations such as Hess Express gas stations.

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