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How Does the Walt Disney World ‘Disability Access Service’ Work?

How Does The Walt Disney World ‘Disability Access Service’ Work?

How Does the Walt Disney World ‘Disability Access Service’ Work?

Walt Disney World Resort is well-known for its commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for all its guests.

A significant part of this commitment is seen in the Disney Disability Access Service (DAS) program. Wondering how the Disney DAS pass works?

Buckle up for a magic carpet ride, and let’s explore!

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What is the Disney DAS Pass?

The Disney DAS Pass is a system designed to accommodate guests with disabilities who can’t tolerate extended waiting in a traditional standby line.

If you’re visiting any of the Disney theme parks, like Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom, this service is readily available for you. It’s an excellent way to make your trip to the Walt Disney World Resort more enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient.

The service essentially provides guests with scheduled return times that are based on the current wait times for the attractions.

Instead of physically waiting in line, guests can enjoy other park amenities, reducing stress and making the Disney experience even more magical!

Who can get a DAS Pass at Disney World?

DAS is intended for guests with cognitive disabilities or other disabilities that make line waiting difficult. Conditions may include those on the autism spectrum or those who need more immediate access to attractions.

Disney aims to cater to all guests, ensuring everyone has a magical experience, irrespective of their physical or cognitive abilities.

It’s worth noting that Disney does reserve the right to Refuse a DAS Pass if, upon consultation, it’s determined that a guest’s specific needs can be adequately met without the pass.

This decision is always made with the best interest of the guest in mind and is aimed at ensuring all guests have an equal opportunity to enjoy the magic of Disney.

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How Does the DAS Pass Work?

When you visit Disney World, your first port of call should be Guest Relations, located at the entrance of each park. There, a helpful cast member will help set up your DAS pass, which is digitally connected to your Disney account or Magic Band.

Once registered, the magic begins! You can make DAS advance selections for your favorite rides using the Disney Experience app.

This handy feature allows you to effectively plan your theme park visit, freeing up your time to explore and enjoy the magic of Disney without the inconvenience of physically waiting in a standby queue.

When your return time arrives, you can head to the Lightning Lane entrance where available. This unique entrance usually offers less waiting time than the current standby wait time.

Virtual Pre-Registration for DAS Pass

Disney has recently introduced a new magical feature that allows you to pre-register for a DAS Pass up to 30 days before your visit. This is done via a live video chat with a cast member, making the process straightforward and convenient.

To pre-register, simply log in to your Disney account on the Disney World website and follow the instructions provided.

Not only does this pre-registration help manage wait times more effectively, but it also ensures your Disney experience is as seamless and magical as possible, right from the start.

DAS Pass at Different Parks

Regardless of whether you’re headed to the Spaceship Earth at Epcot or the thrilling rollercoasters at the Animal Kingdom, each Disney park offers the DAS pass.

Each Disney theme park caters to its guests’ needs, ensuring everyone enjoys a memorable visit. When you visit Disney World, your DAS Pass can be used in any of the four main parks, although it’s not currently available at the water parks.

At Walt Disney World Resort, DAS Passes are not transferable and are only valid for the DAS holder.

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Can you bring a Group with a DAS Pass?

One of the magical things about the Disney DAS Pass is that it’s not just for individual guests. You can bring along up to six people, including yourself. This is fantastic for families or groups, allowing everyone to share in the magic of Disney together.

Whether it’s a family member or a friend, as long as they are accompanying the DAS holder and are in the same attraction, they can join the fun. With Disney, it’s all about shared experiences and creating lasting memories!

Do you Need a Doctor’s Note for DAS?

Although health concerns are at the heart of the DAS system, you do not need a doctor’s note to get a DAS pass at Disney World.

Disney’s policy complies with US regulations that prevent them from asking for proof of disability. Instead, they rely on a confidential and respectful conversation with the guest to understand their specific needs and how best to accommodate them.

DAS Pass and Standby Lines

With the DAS Pass, you’re not required to wait in traditional standby queues. Instead, you’ll be given a return time based on the current standby wait time for the same ride. This allows you to enjoy other aspects of the park while waiting for your turn.

This feature significantly improves the Disney experience for guests who find it challenging to wait in long lines. It frees up your time and reduces any potential stress, ensuring your visit to Disney World is as magical as it should be.

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How Long is the DAS Pass Valid?

The DAS pass is valid for up to 14 days, depending on the length of your Disney tickets. You can use your DAS pass until the park closes, and it’s available every day of your theme park visit.

Final Thoughts…

Disney World’s DAS program is a fantastic way for guests with disabilities to enjoy a magical day at Walt Disney World.

It’s just one of the many ways Disney goes the extra mile to ensure everyone’s visit is as magical and memorable as possible.

Now that you’re in the know about the DAS at Disney World, you’re all set for a memorable day of magic and adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about the Walt Disney World DAS Pass.

What is the Disney DAS Pass?

The Disney DAS Pass is a service provided by Walt Disney World Resort that offers guests with disabilities scheduled return times for attractions, reducing their wait time in traditional standby lines.

Who can get a DAS Pass at Disney World?

Disney’s DAS program is designed for guests with cognitive and physical disabilities that make line waiting challenging. However, Disney may refuse a DAS Pass if a guest’s needs can be met without it.

How does the DAS Pass work at Disney World?

Guests can visit Guest Relations to register for a DAS Pass. Using the Disney Experience app, they can then make DAS advance selections for rides and use the Lightning Lane entrance when their return time arrives.

Can you pre-register for a DAS Pass?

Yes, pre-registration for a DAS Pass is possible via a live video chat with a cast member on the Disney World website up to 30 days before your visit.

Can a DAS Pass be used at all Disney theme parks?

The DAS Pass is valid at all four main Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom.

Can I bring a group with a DAS Pass?

Yes, a DAS holder can bring up to six people with them to enjoy the attractions using a DAS Pass.

Do I need a doctor’s note for a DAS Pass?

No, a doctor’s note is not required to receive a DAS Pass at Disney World.

How long is a DAS Pass valid?

A DAS Pass is valid for up to 14 days, corresponding with the length of your Disney tickets, and can be used until the park closes.

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