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Disney Character Warehouse Orlando: The Place to Bag a Bargain

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando: The Place To Bag A Bargain

The Disney Character Warehouse in Orlando is a dream come true for Disney fans on the lookout for budget-friendly finds. This outlet is a goldmine for Disney merchandise, offering everything from apparel to Disney plush toys at prices that won’t strain your wallet.

In this guide we cover everything you need to know about the visiting the Disney Character Warehouse stores in Orlando and what to expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Find Affordable Disney Merchandise: Learn about Disney Character Warehouse in Orlando for budget-friendly Disney apparel and toys.
  • Two Locations for Discounted Disney Goods: Explore the two locations of Disney Character Warehouse at Vineland Premium Outlets and International Drive for a variety of discounted Disney items.
  • Save on Authentic Disney Products: Discover savings on genuine Disney park merchandise and collectibles at Disney Character Warehouse.

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando

Spread Over Two Locations

Orlando’s Disney Character Warehouse boasts two strategic locations: the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and the International Drive outlet.

Both spots are treasure troves for Disney enthusiasts and savvy shoppers, providing a broad spectrum of Disney-themed items at enticing discounts.

Disney Character Warehouse (Vineland Location)

At the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, you’ll stumble upon an array of Disney parks items, including sought-after Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Loungefly backpacks. The innovative virtual queue system streamlines your shopping spree, allowing you to explore the outlet while you wait for your turn.

Disney Character Warehouse (International Location)

The International Drive outlet, another stellar Disney Character Warehouse location, showcases exclusive Disney Cruise Line merchandise and resort items. It’s a unique shopping venue offering memorabilia to commemorate your Disney trip or to enrich your collection.

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando

Save Big on Disney Merchandise

The allure of the Disney Character Warehouse lies in the substantial savings on authentic Disney products. Whether you’re eyeing holiday merchandise or iconic Mickey Ears, the discounts here mean you can indulge in your Disney passion without overspending.

Final Thoughts

For those in Orlando or visiting, the Disney Character Warehouse is a must-visit destination for Disney lovers and bargain hunters alike. With two convenient locations, a vast selection, and remarkable discounts, it’s an unparalleled shopping adventure for Disney fans looking to save on their favourite merchandise. Happy Shopping!

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando


What is Disney Character Warehouse Orlando?

Disney Character Warehouse Orlando is an outlet store offering a vast selection of Disney merchandise at discounted prices. It’s a fantastic place for Disney fans to find deals on apparel, toys, and collectibles, including items from Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line.

Where are the Disney Character Warehouse locations in Orlando?

There are two Disney Character Warehouse locations in Orlando: one at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and the other on International Drive. Both offer a unique selection of discounted Disney merchandise, catering to fans and bargain hunters alike.

What kind of discounts can I expect at Disney Character Warehouse?

Shoppers at Disney Character Warehouse can find significant discounts on a variety of Disney items. From Disney plush toys to theme park merchandise, prices are reduced to make Disney magic more accessible to everyone.

How can I save money at Disney Character Warehouse?

To save money at Disney Character Warehouse, plan your visit during off-peak hours and utilise the virtual queue system if available. This way, you can explore other parts of the outlet malls while waiting for your turn to shop at the warehouse.

What exclusive items can I find at Disney Character Warehouse?

While the inventory constantly changes, you can often find exclusive Disney parks items, holiday merchandise, and past season merchandise at great prices. Occasionally, there are unique finds like Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Loungefly backpacks.

Are there any tips for shopping at Disney Character Warehouse?

Yes, to enhance your shopping experience, it’s recommended to visit the stores from Monday to Saturday, 10am, to explore the full range of products. Also, keep an eye on the virtual queue system and plan your visit to both character warehouse locations to maximise your shopping opportunities.

Can I find merchandise from other theme parks at Disney Character Warehouse?

Primarily, Disney Character Warehouse focuses on Disney-branded merchandise. However, you might occasionally find items related to Universal Orlando or other nearby attractions, depending on the stock availability.

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