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Your Guide Disney Vacation Club: Cost, Membership Perks & More!

Your Guide Disney Vacation Club: Cost, Membership Perks & More!

Want to make your Disney trips even more magical? Joining the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) gives you special perks, savings, and experiences you won’t forget.

This guide will give you all the details about DVC membership. It will show you how to get the most out of your points, pick the best home resort, book your trips, and discover DVC resorts all over the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock Disney Magic: Learn how DVC membership offers special events, savings, and unique stays at Disney resorts worldwide.
  • Smart Point Use: Discover how to maximize your DVC points for magical vacations by banking or borrowing points.
  • Home Resort Benefits: Find out how choosing the right home resort enhances your DVC experience with early booking privileges and potential future value.

disney vacation club resorts

What is Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a program that lets you enjoy amazing vacations at Disney resorts and other places.

In this program, you buy a certain number of vacation points every year. These points can be used to book stays at different DVC resorts. These include resorts at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and beach locations like Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort.

DVC was started in 1991 and now has fifteen resorts across the US. As a DVC member, you sign a contract that usually lasts 50 years from when your chosen resort was built. This gives you plenty of time to make lots of happy memories with your family and friends.

There are lots of DVC resorts to choose from, like the fancy Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or the cozy Copper Creek Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. So, no matter what kind of Disney trip you dream of, there’s a perfect place for you.

Even though you will have a main home resort, your DVC membership lets you book stays at any DVC resort. Plus, if you buy directly from DVC properties, you can enjoy special perks.

disney vacation club resorts

Benefits of DVC Membership

Being a Disney Vacation Club member is like having a golden ticket to Disney magic. It’s packed with perks and benefits that take your Disney trip to a whole new level.

Think of it like this: you’re not just a visitor, you’re part of the Disney family. You get to enjoy special events only for members and you get to save money with valuable discounts. And let’s not forget about the unique resort accommodations. It’s like exploring a whole new world of vacation possibilities, all thanks to your DVC membership.

Exclusive Member Events

One of the perks of being a DVC member is getting to go to special events. One of these is Moonlight Magic, which is a free event for members that happens a few times a year.

At Moonlight Magic, you don’t have to wait as long to go on rides, you can meet characters that are usually hard to find, and you get free snacks and drinks. This makes your Disney trip even more special.

DVC members can also go on special cruises. These cruises have special things to do that are just for DVC members and their guests.

These cruises go to places like Lighthouse Point in The Bahamas. Going on these cruises is a great way to make memories that you’ll never forget.

Disney Vacation Club Cruise Line

Discounts and Savings

Being a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member offers great savings. Although there are no specific discounts on park tickets at Walt Disney World Resort, members may get special offers for certain events.

Also, DVC members get 10 to 20 percent off on merchandise, helping you save more on your vacation.

But the savings don’t stop there. DVC members also enjoy discounts on:

  • Disney Cruise Line
  • National Geographic Expeditions
  • Adventures by Disney trips
  • Hotels at international theme parks like Tokyo Disney Resort

These discounts can help you have the Disney trip of your dreams while keeping your budget in check.

Access to Unique Accommodations

Being a member of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) means you get to stay in some really cool places at Disney resorts. You can choose from small, cozy rooms or big villas that can fit the whole family.

There are lots of different resorts you can stay at. For example, you might want to try the fancy Disney’s Riviera Resort or the beachy vibes of Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll feel right at home with things like small kitchens and laundry facilities.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the theme parks. If you want to go somewhere different, you can also visit beach resorts like Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for a chill beach holiday.

So, with your DVC membership, there’s always a new place to explore and create fun memories.

Disney Vacation Club

Maximizing Your Vacation Points

To get the most out of your Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership, you need to know how to use your vacation points wisely.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Bank your points: If you have points left over at the end of the year, you can save them for next year. This is called “banking” your points.
  2. Borrow points: If you want to book a stay that costs more points than you have, you can “borrow” points from the next year.

Remember, you need to bank your points within the first eight months of the year. If you don’t, you might lose them.

Planning your vacations early in the year can help you use your points before they expire.

You should also know about the 11-month and 7-month booking windows for DVC members. If you book your stay 11 months in advance, you can stay at your home resort. If you book your stay 7 months in advance, you can stay at any DVC resort.

Booking early can help you get the resort and dates you want for your Disney trip.

Choosing Your Home Resort Wisely

Picking a home resort is an important step in your journey as a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. Your home resort is not just the place you’ll probably visit most, but it also affects how much you can sell your vacation points for in the future.

When deciding on your home resort, think about:

  • Where it’s located
  • How much the annual fees are
  • What facilities it has
  • The overall theme of the resort
  • How close it is to parks and attractions

By keeping these factors in mind, along with what you personally prefer, you can choose the best home resort for your Disney trips.

Remember, as a DVC member, you get the Home Resort Priority Period. This means you can book stays at your home resort up to 11 months in advance, giving you the best chance to get the accommodation you want.

By picking a popular home resort, you increase your chances of being able to book the vacation experiences you’ve always wanted.

disney vacation club resorts

Navigating the Booking Process

Understanding how to book your DVC vacation is important to get the most out of your membership.

Booking a DVC stay is pretty much like booking a regular Disney resort stay, but with a few special rules for DVC members.

As a DVC member, you have something called the Home Resort Priority Period. This means you can book your home resort up to 11 months before your check-in date.

This early access gives you the best chance to get the resort and dates you want. On the other hand, you can book stays at other DVC resorts starting 7 months before your check-in date.

To make the most of these booking times, here are a few tips:

  1. Plan your vacations far in advance.
  2. Be ready to change your dates, room types, and resort choices if needed.
  3. Stay active and learn all about the DVC booking process.

By following these tips, you’ll be ready to get your dream accommodations and create amazing Disney memories.

disney vacation club resorts

Exploring DVC Resorts Worldwide

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you get to choose from a wide range of exciting DVC resorts, including the popular Disney Vacation Club Resort.

There’s a DVC resort for every kind of vacation you can imagine. If you love Walt Disney World, there are eleven different DVC resorts you can stay at, each with its own special theme and fun things to do. Whether you love the outdoorsy feel of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or the old-time elegance of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, you’ll find a DVC resort that fits your taste.

And it’s not just about the theme parks. Your DVC membership also lets you stay at lovely beach and island resorts like Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. These places are great for when you want a relaxing beach vacation with the same high-quality service you expect from Disney.

With so many wonderful resorts to choose from, being a DVC member means you always have a new place to visit and make happy memories.

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Alternatives to DVC Membership

Even though being a DVC member has many perks, you might want to look at other ways to enjoy Disney trips if you’re not ready to commit to a long-term contract or if you’re on a budget.

One option is renting points from a DVC member. This lets you stay at a fancy Disney resort for less money and without having to become a member.

Another option is buying points on the resale market. This can be cheaper and have more flexible terms than buying directly from Disney. But be aware that you might not get some of the extra benefits like lounge access and restaurant discounts.

Finally, you could use credit card rewards or travel loyalty points to save on your Disney trip.

By looking at all the options, you can find the best way for you to enjoy the magic of Disney.

walt disney world Disney Vacation Club

Tips for First-Time DVC Members

Stepping into the world of Disney Vacation Club membership for the first time can feel exciting, but also a little overwhelming. To get the most out of your membership, you need to plan your vacations well and do your homework. Don’t worry, there are plenty of resources and forums to help you out.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news, promotions, and changes is crucial. You can do this by checking the official Disney Vacation Club website and DVC News website. Also, you can join online forums like DISboards, DVC Fan, and The DVC Show. These platforms offer plenty of helpful tips and information.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get advice from other DVC members. Online DVC groups and communities are full of experienced members who can help you learn the ropes.

By doing your research and planning ahead, you’ll be ready to make the most of your Disney Vacation Club membership.

walt disney world Disney Vacation Club

Financing Your DVC Purchase

Buying a Disney Vacation Club membership can be a big decision, but there are ways to help make it easier on your wallet. You can look into lenders like Vacation Club Loans, Monera Financial, and DVC Loans. They can help you find good rates and payment plans that fit your budget.

Just remember, it’s important to check the interest rate. If it’s too high, you could end up paying a lot more in the long run. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for a loan. It depends on things like your credit score and financial history.

By taking the time to understand your financing options, you can make a smart choice that works for you.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, getting the most out of your Disney Vacation Club membership opens the door to a world of magical vacations and special perks.

By learning how the points system works, picking a home resort, understanding how to book your stay, and keeping up with the latest news and deals, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the benefits of your membership.

Whether you’re new to the club or have been a member for years, a world of Disney magic is waiting for you.

disney's grand floridian resort


How much do I have to pay to join the Disney Club?

To join the Disney Club, you need to make an initial payment of $33,000, plus a one-time closing fee. Every year, you’ll also need to pay dues starting at $1,000, but keep in mind that this amount may go up over time. If you can’t pay all at once, there might be payment plans available.

What’s the value of 1 DVC point in 2024?

As of now, 1 DVC point is worth about $230.

What do I get as a Disney Vacation Club member?

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you get special perks like discounts on shopping and dining, access to special events only for members, and savings on theme park parties, backstage tours, and other fun activities.

What does “Home Resort Priority Period” mean for DVC members?

The “Home Resort Priority Period” is a special perk for DVC members that lets you book your stay at your home resort up to 11 months before your vacation. This gives you a better chance of getting the dates you want.

How do DVC members save money with discounts?

As a DVC member, you can save money with discounts on park tickets, merchandise, dining, and even cruises. This means you can have more fun for less money.

Can I sell my DVC Membership?

Yes, you can sell your DVC membership. However, the selling process and the price you can get for your membership depend on various factors, such as the home resort, the number of points, and the contract’s remaining years.

Can I use DVC points at non-Disney resorts?

Yes, DVC points can be used at non-Disney resorts. DVC has a partnership with RCI (Resort Condominiums International), allowing members to exchange their points for stays at over 4,000 RCI-affiliated resorts worldwide.

What happens to my DVC membership if I pass away?

In the event of a member’s death, the DVC membership can be transferred to the member’s heirs. The process and details of the transfer should be discussed with a legal advisor.

Can I add more points to my DVC membership?

Yes, you can add more points to your DVC membership at any time after your initial purchase. This can be done by purchasing points directly from Disney or from another DVC member on the resale market.

How often can I use my DVC points?

You receive a new allotment of DVC points each year, and you can use them as often as you like until they run out. However, unused points will expire at the end of your Use Year, unless you bank them for the next year.

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