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What Happened to FastPass+ at Walt Disney World?

What Happened To FastPass+ At Walt Disney World?

What Happened to FastPass+ at Walt Disney World?

Ah, Disney World. A place where dreams come true, characters spring to life, and… queues?

Yes, the once-beloved FastPass+ system was a game-changer, letting visitors skip those long wait times at favourite attractions, ensuring a more magical theme park visit.

But, as with all tales, there was a twist.

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The End of FastPass+

2020 brought change to the world, and Disney World was no exception. The unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 led to a rethink of the entire park experience.

To ensure safety, the FastPass+ had to be put on hold. When the park’s gates swung open again in July 2020, it was clear that Disney was charting a new course, focusing on the safety and well-being of its guests.

The Arrival of Disney Genie

Replacing the old is the dazzling Disney Genie service, an upgrade in the Disney Experience app. Think of it as your personal fairy godmother, advising you on your park visit.

Whether you want a lightning lane entrance to the thrilling Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or to book those prime dining reservations, Disney Genie promises to make it happen.

But, as they say, every wish comes at a cost. Unlike the complimentary nature of FastPass+, Disney Genie service offers both free and premium features.

While the free version offers personalized itineraries, the premium Disney Genie+ lets you choose lightning lanes for select attractions at a fee.

For top-tier attractions, an individual lightning lane access can be purchased, ensuring minimal wait times.

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Special Provisions for Disabled People

Magic, in the eyes of Disney, is for everyone. The DAS Pass (Disney Disability Service) is a testament to this belief.

For guests with disabilities (including ADHD and Autism) , this pass is a beacon, allowing them to wait in virtual queues, ensuring a seamless theme park experience without any hindrance.

Find out Which Disabilities are Eligible for a DAS Pass at Disney World.

A New Era of Magic, with a Catch

The transition from FastPass+ to Disney Genie service might seem like the closing of a chapter, but in true Disney spirit, it’s the beginning of a new magical journey.

Yes, some features now come with a price tag, but Disney promises an unmatched experience in return. After all, in the ever-evolving world of Walt Disney World Resort, the only constant is the pursuit of creating magical memories.

As you plan your next enchanted visit, remember that while the system has changed, the promise of wonder remains intact. Embrace the new and let the magic unfold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about the old Disney Fastpass+ service and the addition of Disney Genie.

What happened to Disney World’s FastPass+ system?

FastPass+ was temporarily suspended in 2020 due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. When Disney World reopened in July 2020, it did so without bringing back the FastPass+ system, choosing instead to focus on other means of enhancing guest experiences and ensuring safety.

What is the Disney Genie service?

The Disney Genie service is an innovative feature on the Disney Experience app. It acts as a personalized planner for guests, offering recommendations, virtual queues, and the ability to book lightning lane entrances for select attractions.

Is Disney Genie free to use?

The Disney Genie service offers both complimentary and premium features. While it provides free personalized itineraries, there’s a premium version, known as Disney Genie+, which allows users to access lightning lanes for a fee. Additionally, individual attractions may require a separate fee for lightning lane access.

How is Disney Genie different from FastPass+?

Unlike the FastPass+ system which was complimentary, Disney Genie service operates on a tiered system, with some features available for free and others, like lightning lane selections, available for an additional cost.

What is the DAS Pass and how does it work?

The DAS Pass, or Disability Access Service Pass, is designed for guests with disabilities. It allows them to wait in virtual queues for attractions, ensuring they have an enjoyable and unhindered park experience.

Can I still access popular rides without using Disney Genie or the lightning lane?

Yes, all rides and attractions still have a standard queue. The lightning lane is an optional, premium feature for guests looking to reduce their wait times.

How many lightning lane entrances can I book in one day with Disney Genie+?

With Disney Genie+, you can book one lightning lane entrance at a time. Once you’ve used it or the time window has passed, you can make another selection.

Do all attractions offer lightning lane entrances with Disney Genie+?

No, only select lightning lane entrances are available with Disney Genie+. Some top-tier attractions might require an additional fee for individual lightning lane access.

How does the virtual queue work with Disney Genie?

Virtual queues are essentially digital waiting lines. Guests can join the virtual queue through the Disney Experience app and will be notified when it’s their turn to enjoy the attraction, minimizing physical waiting times.

Is Disney Genie available for Disneyland as well as Disney World?

As of now, Disney Genie service has been announced and detailed for Walt Disney World Resort. However, guests are encouraged to regularly check updates for any expansions or changes to the service, including its availability at Disneyland Resort.

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