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Do You Get Free Drinks on TUI Long Haul Flights?

Do You Get Free Drinks On TUI Long Haul Flights?

Do You Get Free Drinks on TUI Long Haul Flights?

As you prepare for your upcoming overseas journey, many travellers wonder about the complimentary beverage policy on TUI long haul flights.

Let’s dive into what you can expect in terms of free drinks and additional in-flight refreshments to enhance your travel experience.

Do You Get Free Drinks on TUI Long Haul Flights?Complimentary Beverage Policy for Long Haul TUI Passengers

Indeed, TUI upholds a generous policy when it comes to complimentary drinks on TUI long haul flights. With your flight ticket, an assortment of beverages is included.

This means you can indulge in wines, spirits, and a selection of beers at no extra cost alongside your meals, and even between them. The inclusive service is designed to make your hours in the sky more pleasurable and comfortable.

Additional In-Flight Refreshments: Exploring Your Options

TUI doesn’t just stop at alcoholic beverages. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options or a warm drink to soothe the senses, a variety of soft drinks, teas, and coffees are readily available throughout your journey.

These additional in-flight refreshments ensure that passengers remain hydrated and content, no matter their personal preferences.

Do You Get Free Drinks on TUI Long Haul Flights?

TUI’s Premium Club Benefits: A Class Apart

  • Enhanced Seating Comfort
  • Exclusive In-Flight Amenities
  • Priority Check-In and Boarding

For an even more opulent flying experience, passengers can choose to travel as part of TUI’s Premium Club. This upgrade adds a layer of luxury to your travel with superior seating comfort and exclusive in-flight amenities that make up just part of the extensive long-haul flight perks.

Prepare to be pampered with additional attentions and a refined atmosphere that epitomises the Premier flying experience.

Whether you’re toasting to new adventures or sipping a warm tea while watching the cloud dance beneath you, TUI’s inclusive approach to passenger comfort promises a flight that rivals the excitement of the destination itself.


Summing up the array of in-flight refreshments and airline amenities available on TUI long haul flights, it is clear that passengers are treated to a premier experience from take-off to touchdown.

Remember that flying TUI is not merely about transporting you to your destination; it’s the assurance that every aspect of your journey will be looked after, enabling you to start your holiday the moment you board.

Do You Get Free Drinks on TUI Long Haul Flights?


Do you get free drinks on TUI long haul flights?

Yes, TUI long haul flights provide complimentary beverages including a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Passengers can enjoy wine, beer, spirits, and a variety of soft drinks as part of the all-inclusive drink offering.

What distinguishes TUI Airways’ in-flight services on long haul flights from short haul ones?

TUI Airways offers an all-inclusive approach on long haul flights with amenities such as complimentary meals and drinks, and access to personal entertainment like movies and TV shows. On short haul flights, these services may not be included and could be available for an additional fee.

Can TUI Airways cater to special dietary requirements?

TUI Airways accommodates special dietary needs by providing meal options for vegetarians, vegans, and other dietary restrictions. It is recommended to request these special meals in advance to ensure availability during your flight.

What is TUI’s complimentary beverage policy on long haul flights?

TUI’s complimentary beverage policy on long haul flights includes free drinks such as alcoholic beverages, alongside soft drinks, and hot beverages served with your meals, and available throughout the duration of the flight. This is part of TUI’s effort to ensure passengers have a comfortable and refreshing flying experience.

What additional in-flight refreshments are available on TUI long haul flights?

Beyond the standard complimentary drinks served with meals, you can choose from a variety of refreshments including soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water that are available at any time during the flight.

What benefits does TUI’s Premium Club offer on long haul flights?

TUI’s Premium Club provides passengers with an array of benefits for a more luxurious travel experience. These benefits include superior seating for additional space and comfort, an enhanced in-flight entertainment experience, and access to premium hospitality options.

How can you upgrade your in-flight experience with the TUI Café menu?

The TUI Café menu offers an upgrade to your in-flight experience with a selection of paid snacks and additional refreshment options. This menu allows for extra choices outside the complimentary offerings and is available to purchase using specified credit and debit cards during your flight.

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