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Does TUI Have Business Class? All You Need to Know for 2024

Does TUI Have Business Class? All You Need To Know For 2024

Sadly TUI business class seats are not an option on any of their planes (including the Dreamliner). Yet, there’s no need for dismay as TUI’s Premium cabin might just be the golden ticket to your comfort and convenience needs. Instead of a traditional business class, your top-tier option with TUI is the Premium class.

Though you won’t find a flat-bed feature, you’ll still relish in extra space, sophisticated dining, and an array of additional perks designed to elevate your journey. It’s the perfect blend for a discerning traveller like you, who appreciates luxury without excess.

Key Takeaways

  • Premium Comfort: TUI’s Premium class offers a luxurious travel experience with extra space and enhanced dining options.
  • Economy vs Premium: Choose between TUI’s cost-effective Economy or the more spacious and luxurious Premium class for your flight.
  • Travel in Style: Enjoy a memorable journey with TUI’s Premium cabin, featuring increased luggage allowance and dedicated check-in service.

Exploring TUI’s Cabin Classes and Amenities

Your journey in a TUI aircraft could be a pleasant and cost-effective trip in the Economy class or an elevated experience in the Premium class. While you won’t recline on a flat bed, the TUI Premium cabin benefits include additional room for your in-flight comfort.

In terms of seat width and legroom, the Economy class offers satisfactory space, while the Premium class enhances your comfort with extra spacing. When it comes to the dining experience, the Economy class provides a standard menu, whereas the Premium class offers a refined and extended menu for a more luxurious dining experience.

The luggage allowance in the Economy class is limited but adequate for most travellers. However, the Premium class increases this allowance for added convenience. The check-in service for Economy class is standard, but the Premium class offers a dedicated service for ease and speed.

Lastly, both classes offer varied options for in-flight entertainment, but the Premium class takes it a step further by offering a premium selection for your enjoyment.

So, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective trip or a more luxurious journey, TUI has got you covered.

does tui have business class

Comparing TUI’s On-Board Services and Comfort Levels

In contrasting TUI economy class comfort with its Premium counterpart, the differences are readily apparent. While travelling economy ensures you reach your destination with the basics met, the premium class is all about the TUI extras those added touches that transform your flight from a mere seat to a memorable part of your journey.

Whether you’re swayed by additional legroom or the allure of upgraded in-flight amenities, your preference is catered to within TUI’s on-board services. No matter your choice, amp up the joy of flying with TUI, where your comfort is paramount, and the journey is just as pleasant as the destination.

Does TUI Have Business Class

Does TUI Have Business Class?

As you contemplate your upcoming TUI 2024 flights, it’s essential to understand the premium flight experience that awaits you.

While TUI may not offer a conventional business class, their range of TUI seating options ensures that comfort and luxury are still very much on the agenda. TUI’s premium cabin choices cater to those yearning for an indulgent journey through the sky.


To sum up, TUI may not have business class, but their Premium cabin offers a great alternative. It’s designed for comfort, with extra legroom and top-notch service. Booking a flight with TUI means you’ll have a memorable journey, filled with luxury and value.

Even without flat beds, you’ll find plenty of amenities to make your trip relaxing and enjoyable. So, when planning your travels in 2024, consider the benefits of TUI’s Premium cabin. It could turn your ordinary flight into an extraordinary experience.

Does TUI Have Business Class


Does TUI have business class seating?

No, TUI does not have business class seating. Instead, they offer a Premium cabin, which includes additional legroom, priority boarding, a higher baggage allowance, and enhanced dining options, serving as the highest class on their flights.

What are the available cabin classes on TUI flights?

TUI offers two main cabin classes: Economy and Premium. While Economy provides basic comfort, the Premium class offers an upgraded flying experience with additional benefits such as extra legroom and refined in-flight service.

What amenities are included in TUI’s Premium cabin?

TUI’s Premium cabin includes enlarged seating with additional legroom, priority boarding, a generous baggage allowance, enhanced dining options, a welcome drink, and premium entertainment choices.

How does TUI’s Economy class compare to Premium?

TUI’s Economy class provides standard in-flight comfort that includes meals and drinks, in-flight entertainment, and satisfactory legroom, designed to offer value for money. In comparison, the Premium class elevates the travel experience with added comfort and exclusive services.

What should travellers expect from TUI’s flight experience in 2024?

Travellers can expect a comfortable and pleasurable journey with TUI in 2024, with the choice of Economy for standard service or Premium for a more indulgent travel experience that includes a variety of comforts and extras.

Can I get a fully flat bed on TUI flights?

No, TUI does not offer fully flat beds as part of their Premium or Economy cabin offerings, as their highest level of service does not include a traditional business class arrangement.

What is the baggage allowance for TUI’s Premium class?

TUI’s Premium class passengers enjoy a higher baggage allowance than Economy class. However, the exact allowance may vary depending on the specific flight and destination, so it’s best to check TUI’s baggage policy for the most up-to-date information.

Do TUI flights offer in-flight entertainment?

Yes, TUI flights offer in-flight entertainment options to all passengers. Those flying in Premium class have access to premium entertainment choices, while Economy passengers still enjoy a variety of in-flight entertainment to keep them engaged during the flight.

Are meals included on TUI flights?

Yes, meals and drinks are included in the ticket price for both Economy and Premium classes on TUI flights, with Premium passengers enjoying an enhanced dining experience.

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