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Free Ways to Enjoy Orlando: 17 Fun Free Things to Do in Orlando

Free Ways To Enjoy Orlando: 17 Fun Free Things To Do In Orlando

Orlando, a city renowned for its theme parks and entertainment, also offers lots of free things to do that can make your visit enjoyable without breaking the bank. From serene parks to vibrant markets, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s our guide to 17 free ways to enjoy Orlando that promise fun and exploration.

Key Takeaways

  • Orlando’s Free Attractions: Discover a variety of free activities in Orlando, from scenic parks and cultural hotspots to evening entertainment and art exploration.
  • Cultural and Natural Wonders: Experience Orlando’s vibrant culture at Loch Haven Park, or enjoy nature’s beauty at places like Lake Eola Park and Wekiwa Springs State Park.
  • Family-Friendly Fun Without Fees: Enjoy family outings with no entry costs at destinations like Disney Springs and ICON Park, offering shopping, performances, and more.

free things to do in orlando

1. Downtown Orlando: A Vibrant Hub

Downtown Orlando is more than just business; it’s a cultural hotspot. Stroll through the lively streets, enjoy free events, or simply soak in the city’s dynamic atmosphere. It’s a great place to experience Orlando’s urban side, with plenty of opportunities for window-shopping and people-watching.

2. Lake Eola Park: A Scenic Retreat

At Lake Eola Park, you can enjoy a leisurely walk, feed the swans, or catch a free concert at the Walt Disney Amphitheater. The park’s picturesque setting is perfect for a family picnic or a solitary escape from the city hustle.

3. Winter Park: Charming and Elegant

Explore Winter Park’s scenic avenues, visit the Winter Park Farmers Market, or take a free tour of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum to admire American art. The city’s charm lies in its elegant boutiques, museums, and lush parks.

4. Disney Springs: Entertainment and Shopping

While not inside Walt Disney World, Disney Springs offers its own set of delights with no admission fee. Enjoy the lively ambiance, window shop, or enjoy live music and performances scattered throughout the area.

free things to do in orlando

5. West Orange Trail: For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor lovers can bike, walk, or jog along the West Orange Trail, enjoying the natural beauty of Central Florida. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors, with plenty of spots to relax and take in the scenery.

6. Loch Haven Park: Cultural Exploration

Loch Haven Park is the heart of Orlando’s cultural scene, surrounded by museums like the Orlando Science Center and the Orlando Museum. While some attractions require a ticket, strolling around the park and enjoying the outdoor sculptures and natural beauty is completely free.

7. Kraft Azalea Garden: Serene Beauty

Discover the tranquility of Kraft Azalea Garden, a public garden located in Winter Park. It’s a perfect spot for a quiet walk or a moment of reflection by the lake, surrounded by majestic cypress trees.

8. Central Florida Zoo’s Botanical Gardens: Nature’s Delight

While the zoo itself isn’t free, the botanical gardens at the Central Florida Zoo offer a no-cost opportunity to explore Florida’s native flora. It’s a peaceful retreat for plant lovers and those looking to relax amidst nature.

9. Disney’s Boardwalk: Evening Fun

Experience the charm of Disney’s Boardwalk in the evening. This quarter-mile promenade is bustling with street performers, food vendors, and serene views of the water, offering a slice of Disney magic for free.

10. Lake Nona Sculpture Garden: Art and Nature

The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden beautifully combines art with nature, featuring stunning sculptures set against a backdrop of lush landscaping. It’s an ideal spot for art lovers and those looking for a peaceful escape.

free things to do in orlando

11. ICON Park: A Hub of Entertainment and Leisure

ICON Park, a premier entertainment destination in Orlando, offers free entry to visitors looking to explore its vibrant atmosphere. While rides and attractions have their costs, strolling through ICON Park doesn’t cost anything. You can enjoy the lively ambiance, browse through shops, and witness the impressive ICON Orlando Ferris wheel. The park frequently hosts events and live entertainment, providing a fun and dynamic experience for all ages without the need for tickets or fees.

12. Rollins Museum of Art: Artistic Insights

Visit the Rollins Museum of Art at Rollins College for a dose of culture and education. With its impressive collection of art, this museum offers a deep dive into various artistic expressions, all for free.

13. Kelly Park: Natural Springs

While a minimal fee is required for parking, Kelly Park offers a budget-friendly day out with its crystal-clear natural springs. You can swim, snorkel, or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings at this beautiful park.

14. Orlando Urban Trail: City Explorations

The Orlando Urban Trail provides a unique way to explore the city on foot or by bike. This trail connects various neighborhoods, parks, and cultural hotspots, offering a comprehensive look at what Orlando has to offer.

free things to do in orlando

15. Wekiwa Springs State Park: Nature’s Playground

Just a short drive from Orlando, Wekiwa Springs State Park offers an array of free outdoor activities. While there’s a small entrance fee, the park’s natural springs, hiking trails, and picnic areas provide a full day of entertainment and relaxation.

16. Cranes Roost Park: Community Events

Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs, just north of Orlando, is known for its beautiful lakeside setting and community events. From live music to festivals, there’s often something happening here to enjoy for free.

17. Big Tree Park: Home to Gentle Giants

Discover the towering beauty of Big Tree Park in Longwood. Home to ancient cypress trees, including the famous Senator and Lady Liberty, the park offers a serene environment for a walk or a moment of quiet contemplation.

Free Ways to Enjoy Orlando

Final Thoughts

Orlando is brimming with free activities that cater to all interests, from art and culture to nature and outdoor adventure. These 17 free things to do in Orlando demonstrate that the city has much more to offer beyond its famed theme parks, providing enjoyable options that won’t impact your budget.


Is there any cost to enter Disney Springs or Disney’s Boardwalk?

No, entry to Disney Springs and Disney’s Boardwalk is completely free. You can enjoy the ambiance, window-shop, or partake in free entertainment options available in these areas without spending a dime.

Can I find any free parks or gardens to visit in Orlando?

Yes, Orlando boasts several free parks and gardens. Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando and Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park are fantastic places to relax and enjoy nature without any admission fee.

Are there any free museums or cultural sites in Orlando?

While some museums may charge an entrance fee, you can visit the Winter Park History Museum and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at no cost. These venues offer a glimpse into art and history, enriching your Orlando experience.

Can visitors enjoy any free outdoor activities in Orlando?

Absolutely! The West Orange Trail and the Orlando Urban Trail offer excellent paths for biking, walking, or jogging amidst Orlando’s scenic beauty, completely free of charge.

Are there any free activities for families in Orlando?

Families can enjoy numerous free activities, such as exploring the interactive Lake Nona Sculpture Garden, picnicking at Kelly Park, or enjoying the various free events at Cranes Roost Park.

Where can I find free entertainment in Orlando?

Orlando offers various free entertainment options, including live music and performances at Disney Springs and street performers on Disney’s Boardwalk. Additionally, Lake Eola Park frequently hosts free concerts and movie screenings.

Is it possible to find free parking in Orlando while exploring these attractions?

While some areas may require paid parking, several of the mentioned attractions, like Lake Eola Park and Winter Park, have adjacent areas where you can find free parking. Always check the specific location’s parking guidelines before visiting.

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