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How to Get From Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral

How To Get From Orlando International Airport To Port Canaveral

How to Get From Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral

Are you going to Orlando and want to know How to Get From Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral? Read on…

Port Canaveral is the place where cruises depart from. Many passengers fly to Orlando International Airport. This is quick guide is to describe the best ways to make the 45-mile trip without any stress and with plenty of time to spare. There are a few cheap ways to get to Port Canaveral without spending a lot of money.

Drive to Port Canaveral

Some people decide to drive this short one-way journey. The main road used to reach Port Canaveral is SR 528 / Beachline Expressway. Running from east to west this expressway is a toll road.

Rent a car to Port Canaveral

For families with at least one driver, perhaps the best option is to take one-way car rental. Renting a car is easy from Orlando and it can be returned on arrival at Port Canaveral. There are a few car rental firms to choose from and allows families to get to the port in their own time. Some families take their time to complete the journey to look at the sites, or to have a meal.

Take an Uber or Lyft to Port Canaveral

For people that do not want to drive, or that cannot drive there is the option of ordering an Uber or Lyft. These companies generally send out more stylish cars than yellow taxis, and the fares can be lower. Rideshare services are straightforward to use and available at any time. People can pick the cheapest fare or go for a nicer vehicle.

When opting to take a rideshare it is best to check prices before going. Depending on the demand for cars the prices vary. It is worth comparing a few apps to get the best deal.

Shuttle Bus Port Canaveral

There are several firms that offer a single way shuttle bus service to Port Canaveral and these are the cheapest way to get there.

It is better to check the times of shuttle services as these stop during the evening. People that arrive too late at Orlando will have to arrange for another way to get to the port.

Some of the most popular services are run by:

  • Smart Two
  • Cortrans Shuttle
  • Go Port Canaveral

Get a Taxi Port Canaveral

One last way to travel to Port Canaveral is to catch a yellow taxi from the airport. For 2020 the fare is $115 though this will probably increase next year. Fares may vary, especially at peak holiday times.


We hope this guide has helped you learn how to get from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral.

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