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How Far Is Kennedy Space Center from Orlando? A Travel Guide

How Far Is Kennedy Space Center From Orlando? A Travel Guide

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? A day trip to the awe-inspiring Kennedy Space Center from Orlando is an experience you’ll never forget!

Wondering how far is Kennedy Space Center from Orlando? With an easy driving distance of approximately 50 miles, you’ll find a universe of excitement waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re a space enthusiast, a curious traveller, or a family seeking fun, this journey is perfect for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Easy Access: Kennedy Space Center is just a short drive from Orlando, with multiple transport options like private cars and bus tours available.
  • Space Center Attractions: Explore must-see exhibits, the Rocket Garden, and the Shuttle Launch Experience for an unforgettable adventure.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Enjoy a variety of activities perfect for all ages, including interactive play areas and IMAX movies at Kennedy Space Center.

space shuttle atlantis

The Distance Between Orlando and Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center, a mere 50 miles from Orlando, is an easy drive of approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, making a visit to the Kennedy Space Center easy for those desiring adventure beyond the theme parks!

The quickest way to travel from Orlando, including Lake Buena Vista, to Kennedy Space Center is to take State Road 528 (the Beachline) east and follow the signs.

This route will get you there in just about 45 minutes. So, gather your essentials and prepare for this cosmic journey!

kennedy space center visitor complex

Getting to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando

Reaching Kennedy Space Center from Orlando is straightforward, with a host of transportation options at your disposal, such as private cars, bus tours, Gray Line Orlando shuttles, taxis, and rideshares.

We’ll examine these options thoroughly to help you choose the best fit for your trip.

Driving Your Own Car

Making the trip from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center in your own vehicle is not only handy but also hassle-free, courtesy of the direct route linking the two locations.

With a driving distance of approximately 54 miles or 87 kilometers, you’ll be at your destination in no time!

Keep in mind that there are tolls on the road from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center. Expect to pay around $6 each way on the Beachline Expressway.

Bearing this in mind, remember to carry some cash or your toll transponder to ensure a smooth, trouble-free journey.

Bus Tours and Shuttles

If you lean towards a relaxed mode of transportation, bus tours and shuttles provide a convenient means to reach Kennedy Space Center.

With options like Travelmag’s bus tour, you’ll not only enjoy transportation to and from central Orlando, including Walt Disney World, but also get full access to the space center!

A typical bus tour package includes a thrilling 45-minute guided tour of the NASA grounds, giving you an up-close look at launch pads, the Vehicle Assembly Building, Launch Complex 39, and other important areas of the center.

The bus ride from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center lasts about an hour, so recline, loosen up, and savor the ride!

Remember to not disembark the bus in any safety-restricted launch zones, including Icon Park and other sites equipped with active instruments.

However, the bus drops guests off at the visitor complex, Apollo/Saturn V center, which has some of the best exhibits for you to explore.

Taxis and Rideshares

For travellers prioritising adaptability and customisation, taxis and rideshares such as Uber and Lyft present excellent transportation alternatives to reach Kennedy Space Center from Orlando.

The rates for Uber and Lyft range from approximately $85 to $115 each way, and the journey takes just over an hour.

Booking a taxi or rideshare for hotel pick up is super easy, with services like Uber and Lyft readily available at your fingertips.

And don’t worry about the return trip – taxis and rideshares are also easily available at Kennedy Space Center for your journey back to Orlando.

kennedy space center visitor complex

Exploring Kennedy Space Center: Must-See Attractions

Upon your arrival at the Kennedy Space Center, an exhilarating array of attractions awaits every Kennedy Space Center visitor! With a variety of must-see attractions, including:

  • Interactive exhibits
  • Rocket Garden
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Live presentations

There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Step into the Rocket Garden and marvel at the gigantic rockets used in NASA’s Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo programs.

Pay a visit to the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, where you can learn about the brave men and women who ventured into the great unknown.

Also, make sure not to miss the live presentations at the Universe Theater – they’re genuinely extraordinary and may even feature a moon rock!

kennedy space center visitor complex

The Shuttle Launch Experience: Feel the Thrill of Space Travel

Are you set for a pulse-racing, adrenaline-charged adventure? The Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Center allows you to feel the sensations of a space shuttle launch, complete with realistic simulations and special effects. Are you brave enough to take the ride?

This thrilling attraction, housed inside a six-story building, was designed in consultation with NASA and space shuttle astronauts, including those from the space shuttle Atlantis, to inspire your spirit of adventure.

Experience the sensations of acceleration, vibration, and g-force as the shuttle lifts off and climbs towards orbit. Strap in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

kennedy space center visitor complex

Family Fun at Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is an excellent destination for families, offering a broad array of thrilling activities that both children and adults will adore at the Space Center Visitor Complex.

Let your little ones unleash their inner astronaut at the indoor soft play center called Planet Play, where they can learn about the solar system through a fully-immersive multi-story indoor play experience.

For those who can’t get enough of building blocks, a Lego-based play area offers endless fun, with kids able to crawl through a black hole, slide down an asteroid field, and walk on Saturn’s rings.

And don’t forget to catch a space-themed movie in the IMAX theater for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

kennedy space center visitor complex

Tips for Planning Your Visit to Kennedy Space Center

To optimise your visit to Kennedy Space Center, it’s advisable to get there early and set aside a full day for exploration.

This will give you more time to experience all the incredible attractions and take advantage of any special events or presentations happening during your visit.

The best time to visit Kennedy Space Center is during the fall and spring seasons, typically from September to November and March to May, as these months offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Remember that bags larger than backpacks are not allowed inside the space center, but you’re welcome to bring your own lunch in a soft-sided cooler.

Looking for discounts or special offers on Kennedy Space Center tickets? Check out authorised ticket sellers and websites like Undercover Tourist for substantially discounted tickets.

A bit of investigation can significantly reduce your expenses when planning your cosmic adventure.

Coco Beach

Nearby Attractions: Cocoa Beach and Beyond

Following a thrilling day at Kennedy Space Center, consider venturing to the nearby attractions along Florida’s Space Coast. Cocoa Beach, a popular destination for beachgoers and surfers, is a mere 14 miles away from the space center.

Guided tours are available from Kennedy Space Center to Cocoa Beach, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive to the beach.

Once you’re there, don’t forget to try out some top-rated restaurants like 4th Street Fillin Station, The Fat Snook, or Tropics Cocktail Bar for a delicious meal to cap off your day.

Final Thoughts

A day trip from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center is a journey you’ll never forget.

From the thrill of the Shuttle Launch Experience to the awe-inspiring Rocket Garden and family-friendly activities, there’s truly something for everyone at this incredible destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Blast off on your own cosmic adventure and explore the wonders of Kennedy Space Center!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about your trip to Kennedy Space Center? Here’s a list of common queries to help you plan better.

Is there a shuttle from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, there is a shuttle from Orlando to Kennedy Space Center! Take the line 42 bus to Oia Transfer Center, then take the shuttle to Cocoa Beach, FL – Pilot Gas, and finally take the travel to Kennedy Space Center.

How to get from Disney to Kennedy Space Centre?

Head to the bus station and hop on line 50 and line 111 buses, then take the shuttle for just $55 – $70 to get from Disney to Kennedy Space Centre in 4 hours and 15 minutes!

How far is NASA from Orlando?

NASA is about 50 miles away from Orlando, located in Cape Canaveral on the eastern coast of Florida. The road distance is 45.2 miles.

What are some must-see attractions at Kennedy Space Center?

Experience an out-of-this-world adventure at Kennedy Space Center and explore interactive exhibits, wander through the Rocket Garden, learn from the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, and marvel at live presentations.

What is the Shuttle Launch Experience?

Experience the thrilling sensation of a space shuttle launch with realistic simulations and special effects at the Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Center!

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