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How Much is a Lightsaber at Disney World? Your Guide for 2024

How Much Is A Lightsaber At Disney World? Your Guide For 2024

Creating a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a dream come true for any Star Wars fan. This unique experience allows guests to construct their very own lightsaber, selecting from various parts that embody the spirit of the Star Wars universe.

Here, we’ll dive into the process and cost of making your lightsaber, ensuring you have all the important details for your next Disney trip.

Key Takeaways

  • Build Your Own Lightsaber: At Savi’s Workshop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests can create a custom lightsaber, choosing from a variety of parts that reflect the Star Wars universe.
  • Pricing and Details: The cost for a custom lightsaber package is around $249.99 plus tax, which includes the hilt, blade, kyber crystal, and a carrying case. Advance booking is recommended due to high demand.
  • A Memorable Experience: Crafting a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop offers a unique and memorable experience for Star Wars fans visiting Walt Disney World Resort, despite the cost.

How Much is a Lightsaber at Disney World

The Building Process at Savi’s Workshop

At the heart of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge lies Savi’s Workshop, a covert workshop packed with rumored remnants from fallen Jedi temples and abandoned temples, offering an immersive experience for those wishing to craft a piece of Star Wars history.

The building process involves several steps, starting with choosing your hilt style. Themes range from Republic era designs to elemental nature, each style featuring unique parts such as rancor teeth or cartusion whale bones.

Participants are then guided to select a kyber crystal, which determines the color of your lightsaber blade. Options include the traditional blue, green, red, and purple, each with its own connection to the Star Wars lore.

The assembly of the lightsaber hilt involves various components like activation plates and handles, allowing for a personalized touch. The climax of the experience is when builders activate their lightsabers, filling the enclosed space with the iconic hum and glow of their very own lightsaber.

How Much is a Lightsaber at Disney World

Cost and Important Details

The experience of building a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop is as premium as it gets in Disney parks, reflected in its price. To take home your lightsaber, the lightsaber package costs approximately $249.99 plus tax.

This price includes the lightsaber hilt, blade, kyber crystal, and a carrying case to transport your lightsaber home safely. Advance reservations are highly recommended due to the popularity of this experience, and a per builder cancellation fee is applied if the reservation is not cancelled within the specified time frame.

Guests should book their spot via the Disney Experience app and check the reservation time and check-in location carefully. Payment is required upon booking, and only an accepted credit card number is needed to secure your spot.

The experience has an age recommendation of at least 5 years old, with at least one person in the party needing to be aged 14 or older.

How Much is a Lightsaber at Disney World

Final Word

Crafting a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop is not just about taking a piece of Star Wars home; it’s about creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Despite the cost, the opportunity to build a custom lightsaber, infused with personal significance and Star Wars lore, is a compelling experience for fans visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

Whether you align with the Jedi or find yourself tempted by the dark side, Savi’s offers an unparalleled opportunity to craft a symbol of your place in the galaxy.

Remember to book early and prepare for a truly magical experience at Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

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