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TUI Premium Seats: Everything Included When you Fly Premium (2024)

TUI Premium Seats: Everything Included When You Fly Premium (2024)

You know those little things that can make a flight way better? TUI premium seats have them covered. From more room to awesome perks, let’s see what’s in store for you.

The Perks of Booking TUI Premium Seats

Booking TUI premium seats is like scoring an exclusive VIP pass to the skies. Check out these alluring benefits:

Larger Luggage Allowance: Wave goodbye to packing woes with a whopping 23kg luggage allowance.

Priority Services: Get priority check in, priority bag drop, and slide through fast track security with ease.

Lounge Access: Kick back in the airport lounge at UK and Irish airports before you fly.

Priority Boarding: Skip those long queues and step onto the plane first.

Front of the Aircraft Seating: Nab a seat right at the plane’s nose, boasting the best views and minimal foot traffic.

Extra Legroom: Stretch out with a 38″ seat pitch on the TUI Dreamliner or a comfy 36″ on other TUI premium flights.

Complimentary Refreshments: Sip and snack on a variety of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and hot drinks – all on the house (except Champagne and Prosecco).

Gourmet In-flight Meals: Tuck into a tantalising four-course meal, complete with main dish options. But that’s not all – a lighter meal greets you pre-landing.

Top-notch Entertainment: Zone out with quality headphones and a stash of movies, shows, and games on your personal screen.

Luxury Amenities: Pamper yourself with a RitualsĀ® amenity kit.

Sleep Essentials: Drift into dreamland with a pillow and duvet, especially handy for night flights.

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TUI Premium Seats vs TUI Premium Economy: What’s the Difference?

In the air travel world, seating options matter. But how do TUI premium seats stack up against their economy sibling?

More Space: Those who choose TUI premium can relish in wider seats with fewer neighbours, ensuring that extra bit of personal space and privacy.

Enhanced Comfort: The cherry on top? An additional 4-5 inches of legroom. Perfect for letting those legs breathe, particularly during long haul adventures.

Recline and Relax: Sure, they’re more reclined than economy seats, but keep in mind, they’re still very much upright. They won’t lay flat, but they’re still a dream for the back.

Select your Seat: When you fly Premium with TUI you get to Select your seat at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re soaring in a TUI Dreamliner or another TUI aircraft, choosing TUI premium seats is all about treating yourself. Think comfortable seating, A-list services, and that exclusive premium experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your frequently asked questions flying in TUI’s Premium Club.

What are TUI Dreamliner premium seats?

TUI Dreamliner premium seats are part of TUI’s upscale seating option offered on their Dreamliner aircraft. They provide enhanced comfort, extra legroom, and various additional amenities to make the flying experience more luxurious compared to standard economy seats.

How much extra luggage can I bring with TUI premium seats?

When you book TUI premium seats, you are entitled to a generous 23kg luggage allowance.

Do TUI premium seats come with airport lounge access?

Yes, when you opt for TUI premium seats, you get lounge access at UK and Irish airports, allowing you to relax before your flight.

Is there priority boarding with TUI premium bookings?

Absolutely! TUI premium seat passengers can skip the regular boarding queue and get on the plane before other passengers.

How does the legroom in TUI premium seats compare to economy seats?

TUI premium seats offer a more spacious seat pitch, giving passengers additional legroom. Specifically, you’ll enjoy a 38″ seat pitch on the TUI Dreamliner and 36″ on other flights.

Are meals and drinks included in the TUI premium experience?

Yes, passengers receive complimentary refreshments, including soft drinks, juices, beer, wine, and spirits. Additionally, a gourmet four-course meal with multiple main dish options is served, followed by a lighter meal before landing.

What entertainment options are available for TUI premium passengers?

Premium passengers get access to noise-reducing headphones and a personal seatback entertainment system stocked with a broad selection of movies, TV shows, and games.

How do TUI premium seats differ from TUI premium economy?

While both offer enhanced comfort compared to standard economy, TUI premium seats generally provide more space, extra perks like airport lounge access, priority services, and gourmet meal options. The seating itself is wider with more legroom and fewer seats per row in the premium category.

Is it worth upgrading to TUI premium seats for long-haul flights?

Many passengers find the upgrade valuable for long-haul journeys, thanks to the added comfort, increased legroom, better food and drink options, and the range of in-flight perks that come with TUI premium.

Can I choose my seat when booking TUI premium?

Yes, one of the perks of booking TUI premium is the priority seat selection, allowing you to choose your preferred spot before the flight.

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