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Is Alcohol Free on TUI Long Haul Flights? Yes, in Moderation!

Is Alcohol Free On TUI Long Haul Flights? Yes, In Moderation!

Travelling with TUI Airways on a long haul flight across the vast skies can raise many questions, especially regarding the amenities and services offered on board. A common query among passengers is whether alcoholic drinks are complimentary. The answer is yes, alcohol is free on TUI long haul flights, enhancing your high-altitude experience. However, it’s crucial to note that cabin crew have the authority to limit service to ensure a pleasant journey for all.

Key Takeaways 

  • Free Alcoholic Drinks: Enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks at no extra cost on TUI long haul flights.
  • Food for All: TUI flights serve a main meal and snacks, with special meals available upon request.
  • Premium Benefits: Experience added comfort with TUI Premium, featuring better food and more drink choices.

Is Alcohol Free on TUI Long Haul Flights?

What’s Included on TUI Flights

On your flight, you’ll be treated to a variety of hot and cold drinks. From a refreshing glass of wine to warm yourself with a hot drink, the selection is designed to cater to your preferences.

Complimentary bar services are a staple, including a range of alcoholic beverages and complimentary soft options for those preferring non-alcoholic choices.

  • Main Meal and More: Aboard TUI Airways flights, the culinary journey begins with a main meal tailored to the flight time. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, each main dish is crafted to satisfy.
  • Light Refreshment and Snack Service: Beyond the main meal, passengers can enjoy light bites and a snack service offering additional snacks to keep hunger at bay.
  • Special Dietary Requirements: For those with special dietary requirements, whether it’s a different meal option or a special meal request, TUI strives to accommodate. Simply inform your travel agent or the airline before your departure airport.

Premium Comforts for a Better Journey

For those looking to elevate their experience, TUI Premium Seats offer an array of perks.

From fast track security at UK airports to enhanced food and drink options, it’s an investment in comfort.

Premium passengers enjoy priority boarding, ensuring a smooth start to their holiday.

  • Alcoholic Drink Selection: While enjoying the complimentary bar services, premium passengers have access to an expanded selection, including champagne, to toast to the beginning of a memorable holiday.
  • Meal Upgrades: In premium, expect your meals to come with that extra touch of elegance. Each main dish is a notch above, ensuring your long haul experience feels indulgent.

Is Alcohol Free on TUI Long Haul Flights?

Know Before You Go: Flight Policies

While alcoholic drinks are part of the TUI long haul experience, moderation is key. The cabin crew’s priority is passenger safety and comfort, with the right to refuse service if necessary. To ensure a smooth journey:

  • Inform in Advance: For special dietary requirements, notifying the airline ahead of time ensures your needs are met seamlessly.
  • Consider Your Consumption: Enjoy the complimentary bar services responsibly to ensure a pleasant experience for yourself and fellow passengers.

food and drink tui flights

Final Thoughts

Flying long haul with TUI Airways introduces you to a realm of comforts, from complimentary bar services to satisfying meals and light refreshments.

Whether you’re heading to a sun-soaked destination or embarking on a mid haul adventure, knowing the ins and outs of your flight’s offerings enhances your travel experience.

Remember, a journey with TUI is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying every moment from departure to landing.

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Is alcohol complimentary on TUI long haul flights?

Yes, alcohol is complimentary on TUI long haul flights, allowing passengers to enjoy a range of alcoholic drinks as part of the flight’s complimentary bar services.

Can TUI cabin crew refuse to serve alcohol?

Absolutely, TUI cabin crew have the right to refuse serving alcoholic drinks if they assess a passenger has consumed an excessive amount, ensuring the safety and comfort of all on board.

What types of beverages are available on TUI long haul flights?

TUI long haul flights offer an extensive selection of hot and cold drinks, including alcoholic beverages and complimentary soft drinks, catering to a wide range of passenger preferences.

Does TUI cater to special dietary needs in their beverage options?

Yes, TUI is attentive to special dietary requirements, providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options without added sugar for those who request it. It’s recommended to notify TUI in advance to accommodate these needs.

What food and beverage services does TUI provide on long haul flights?

During TUI long haul flights, passengers are served a main meal, light refreshments, and a snack service, with premium seats offering an upgraded food and beverage experience, including a more diverse selection of alcoholic drinks.

How is the meal service structured on TUI long haul flights?

The meal service on TUI long haul flights typically starts with a main meal tailored to the flight’s duration, followed by light bites or a snack service. Passengers can request special meals for dietary requirements ahead of their flight.

Is there an option to purchase additional items onboard TUI flights?

Indeed, beyond the complimentary offerings, TUI offers passengers the option to purchase onboard an assortment of additional snacks and drinks to enhance their flight experience.

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