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Top 10 Things to Do in Orlando in June 2024

Top 10 Things To Do In Orlando In June 2024

Top 10 Things to Do in Orlando in June 2024

Thinking about visiting Orlando in June? Great choice! There’s plenty more fun stuff to do. From tasty food and nature walks to cool shopping and events.

Ready to find out more? Let’s jump in!


Bask in the Enchantment of Walt Disney World:

Orlando in June is incomplete without experiencing the globally celebrated theme park, Disney World. The park’s magic seems to glow even brighter under the sun, despite the average high temperatures that come with the Orlando weather. Families from all corners of the world visit to soak in the mesmerizing parades and captivating fireworks every night.

Disney World promises to keep you cool with their air-conditioned indoor attractions and refreshing eateries. Don’t forget to take a splash in their water parks, a surefire way to beat the hot Orlando weather. Even if the rainy season starts early, there are plenty of covered spaces to stay dry and still enjoy the magic.

With Orlando hotels located nearby, consider staying at one to maximize your magical experience. From sunrise to sunset, Disney World in Orlando is a trip you wouldn’t want to miss in June.


Set Sail on a Lake Eola Journey:

The beauty of Downtown Orlando can be best admired from the heart of it all, Lake Eola. In June, as the Orlando averages tip towards the hot, a sail around Lake Eola presents an opportunity to cool down and take in the beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Renting a swan-shaped paddle boat or joining a guided tour provides a tranquil respite from the average temperature of Central Florida. Be it the glistening sunshine that dances on the water’s surface during the day or the beautiful sunset hues in the evening, a boat ride on Lake Eola is a sight to behold.

Furthermore, Lake Eola Park plays host to various local events and farmers’ markets, providing a taste of Orlando’s local culture and vibrancy. Even as the weather in Orlando gets warmer, Lake Eola offers a refreshing experience that you should definitely add to your itinerary.


Unleash Your Inner Adventurer at Universal Studios Florida:

Universal Studios Florida invites you to step into the worlds of your favorite movies, making it a must-visit in Orlando during your summer trip. Even in the hot June weather, the park’s spellbinding indoor rides and captivating shows promise a day full of thrills and entertainment.

Whether it’s a chilling adventure through the world of Harry Potter or a heart-stopping journey with the Transformers, the park’s attractions are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. In between the exhilarating rides, you can cool down in the unique stores, eateries, and immersive experiences scattered throughout the park.

Universal Studios offers much more than just a break from the average high temperatures. It’s a chance to step into an alternate universe, right in the heart of Orlando. So, slather on some sunscreen, carry your water bottle, and prepare for a day of adventure under the June sun.


Revel in the Performing Arts at the Dr. Phillips Center:

Orlando is not just about theme parks. It’s a cultural hub brimming with live performances, and the Dr. Phillips Center is the heart of it all. Despite the warm Orlando weather in June, the air-conditioned indoor theaters ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

From Broadway musicals to local plays, the center offers a diverse range of performances throughout June. Not only does it offer a respite from the hot weather, but it also provides a chance to appreciate the local arts scene in Orlando.

Conveniently located in Downtown Orlando, the center is easy to reach from most Orlando hotels. So, even after a day exploring the city in the sun, you can relax and unwind with a captivating show at the Dr. Phillips Center.


Get Your Adrenaline Rush at Fun Spot America:

When it comes to satiating your thirst for thrill, Fun Spot America fits the bill perfectly, even in the hot Orlando weather in June. Known for its impressive assortment of roller coasters and go-karts, this amusement park promises to keep your heart racing and your spirits high, despite the average high temperatures.

Under the warm June sun, take a spin on the world’s tallest sky coaster or challenge your friends to a friendly go-kart race. When you need a break from the adrenaline rush, you can step into one of the numerous games and rides that cater to all age groups, making it an ideal family destination in Orlando.

The park’s late-night hours are an added bonus, as the temperatures drop a bit after sunset, allowing for a comfortable experience. Considering the convenience of nearby Orlando hotels, you can easily spend a day (and night) at Fun Spot America, embracing your inner thrill-seeker.


Dive into Nature’s Bounty at Discovery Cove:

Orlando in June is the perfect time to immerse in nature at Discovery Cove. Amidst the bustling cityscape, this park offers an intimate and unique experience with nature’s marvels under the warm weather in Orlando in June.

From swimming with the friendly dolphins to hand-feeding tropical birds, and lounging on the sandy beach under the brilliant sunshine, Discovery Cove transports you to a tropical paradise. The park’s all-inclusive packages ensure you don’t need to worry about meals or gear, just bring your sense of adventure and enjoy the day!

As a respite from the usual theme park frenzy, Discovery Cove offers an ideal blend of relaxation and excitement in Orlando. And if a sudden rain shower adds to the fun, you’re in the perfect place to enjoy it!


Close Encounters with Wildlife at Gatorland:

Gatorland is a unique wildlife preserve and theme park offering up-close encounters with Florida’s iconic wildlife, including alligators and crocodiles. This thrilling venture stands as a distinctive attraction, especially under the sunny Orlando June weather.

Enjoy an off-road adventure in the Gatorland’s rugged 4-Wheel drive or glide over the breeding marsh, filled with 130 giant alligators, on a zipline. If you prefer a calmer approach, you can enjoy the Florida wildlife from a distance at the petting zoo or bird aviary.

Gatorland is a wildlife encounter like no other in Orlando. While the sun may beat down in June, the park’s diverse activities ensure a great time, regardless of the weather. So grab your hats, prepare for some fun, and don’t forget your cameras!


Stroll Through the Serene Harry P. Leu Gardens:

Escaping the hot Orlando weather becomes easy with a leisurely walk through the lush greenery of Harry P. Leu Gardens. Spread across 50 acres, this botanical haven showcases a global collection of unique plants, making it an interesting attraction in Orlando in June.

Under the gentle sunshine, explore the rose garden, tropical rainforest, and butterfly garden, each offering a unique and tranquil experience. Throughout the year, the garden also hosts various events and exhibitions, adding to the overall allure.

With humidity and rainfall being a part of the Orlando weather, the gardens maintain a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere, providing a delightful break from the bustling city and theme parks. Thus, when you visit Orlando, ensure you have this green retreat in your itinerary.


Swing into Action at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf:

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf brings a touch of light-hearted fun to your trip in Orlando. Offering two 18-hole courses filled with intriguing obstacles and surprises, this mini-golf course is a fun-filled experience for all ages, regardless of the average temperature.

The themed setting adds an exciting twist to the traditional mini-golf, as you navigate through the pirate-infested landscapes. While the sun shines bright in June, the course offers ample shaded areas, ensuring you stay cool while having fun.

Conveniently located near major Orlando hotels, Pirate’s Cove is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. So, as the sunset paints the sky, enjoy a round of golf amidst the cool Orlando breeze.


Explore the Everglades on an Airboat Tour:

An airboat tour of the Florida Everglades presents a unique and adventurous way to explore Orlando in June. This thrilling experience takes you deep into the natural beauty of Florida, where you can spot amazing wildlife like alligators, eagles, and sometimes even panthers!

Even though the summer heat may seem intense, the breeze from the high-speed airboat offers a refreshing break. Plus, the guides share fascinating information about the ecosystem, making it an educational trip as well.

Many tour operators offer convenient pick-up and drop-off from Orlando hotels, making it easy to plan this adventure during your trip. So, expect an exciting day under the bright June sun, exploring the natural wonders of Orlando.

Final Thoughts

Orlando in June presents a delightful mix of world-famous theme parks, stunning outdoor explorations, and cultural hubs, catering to every kind of visitor. With an array of engaging activities at your fingertips, fun and excitement are a guarantee! So, pack your sunscreen and gear up to uncover all that Orlando in June has in store.

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