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Rise of the Resistance Ride Drop: What to Expect On-Ride

Rise Of The Resistance Ride Drop: What To Expect On-Ride

If you’re planning a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there’s one ride you’ve probably heard a lot about – the Rise of the Resistance.

This Star Wars-themed ride is a big hit, but as parents, we know you might be wondering about the ride’s intensity, especially that infamous drop.

Key Takeaways

  • Star Wars Adventure: Join Rey and the Resistance in an immersive Star Wars story on the Rise of the Resistance ride.
  • Thrilling Drop: Experience a brief, exciting drop similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, suitable for most kids and adults.
  • Family-Friendly: With a 40-inch height requirement, this ride is great for kids over 5 and all Star Wars fans.

Rise of the Resistance Ride Drop

What’s is the Rise of the Resistance Ride?

‘Rise of the Resistance’ isn’t just a ride, it’s an adventure. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a Star Wars story, helping Rey and the Resistance on a mission.

But watch out – Kylo Ren and the First Order are hot on your trail!

The Rise of the Resistance Drop

Alright, let’s talk about the drop. It’s a quick one – just about a second – and it happens near the end of the ride. You’ll drop from a height of around 20 feet, which might sound scary, but it’s been compared to the drops on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

So, it’s definitely something most kids (and adults!) can handle.

Is Rise of the Resistance Kid-Friendly?

The ride does have a minimum height requirement of 40 inches, so it’s not for the littlest ones. But for kids around 5 and up, it should be a blast. If your kiddos can handle Star Wars movies, they can handle this ride.

Final Thoughts

Rise of the Resistance is a must-do for any Star Wars fan, and while it does have a drop, it’s not too intense. Remember, every kid is different, so use your best judgement and most importantly, have fun.

May the force be with you on your Disney World adventure!

Rise of the Resistance Ride Drop


How long does the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride last?

The entire experience lasts about 20 minutes, including the pre-show, ride, and exit.

Is the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride fast?

The ride has some fast moments, but it’s not a high-speed roller coaster. It’s more about the immersive experience and storyline.

Are there any health restrictions for the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride?

Yes, Disney advises that people with high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure should not ride. Pregnant women should not ride as well.

Can I bring my belongings on the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride?

Yes, there are small storage pouches on the ride where you can store your belongings. However, it’s best to leave larger items in a locker or with a non-rider.

Is the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the ride is accessible to guests in wheelchairs or those who need special assistance. However, they must be able to transfer to the ride vehicle by themselves or with the help of their party.

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