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Savi’s Workshop: The Lightsaber Building Experience at Disney World

Savi’s Workshop: The Lightsaber Building Experience At Disney World

Venture deep into Disney World and discover Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Here, every Star Wars fan has the opportunity to design and craft their own lightsaber.

Dive into the lore and become part of the legacy at Savi’s Workshop.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique Blend of Fun and Learning: Wonderworks Orlando offers over 100 interactive exhibits that combine education with entertainment for all ages.
  • Must-See Attractions: Experience the hurricane shack, lie on a bed of nails, and explore the Bermuda triangle among other exciting activities.
  • Visitor Tips: Check online for operating hours, buy tickets in advance to save time, and wear comfortable clothes for a day full of adventure.

build your own lightsaber disney

What is Savi’s Workshop?

Hidden within Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Savi’s Workshop is no ordinary store. This secret enclave is home to the galaxy’s true believers in the Force.

Drawing from abandoned temples, crashed starships, and ancient legends, it’s an experience that bridges the past and present of the Star Wars universe.

The Steps to Making Your Lightsaber

Choosing Your Path:

Every lightsaber is a reflection of its wielder. Savi’s offers four distinct themes for your creation:

Peace and Justice: Crafted from salvaged scraps of fallen Jedi temples, these are reminiscent of iconic heroes.

Power and Control: Echoing the might of the Sith, these designs feature elements reminiscent of dark side warriors.

Elemental Nature: Here, the Force intertwines with the natural world. Components like brylark trees and cartusion whale bones take centre stage.

Protection and Defense: Tapping into the galaxy’s ancient traditions, these designs carry mysterious motifs from days long gone.

The Heart of Your Saber: The Kyber Crystal

Every lightsaber pulses around its kyber crystal. Choose yours: blue, red, green, or the elusive purple, each colour echoing a different connection to the Force.

Assembling Your Legacy:

With a rich array of components like activation plates and unique metal pieces, you’ll craft a lightsaber that tells its own story.

Whether it sings of ancient wellsprings, Sith homeworld legends, or Jedi temples, it’s a tale waiting to be told.

disney world build your own lightsaber

Tips for a Smooth Experience at Savi’s Workshop

Book Ahead:

Savi’s Workshop is incredibly popular. Make sure you secure your spot in advance and arrive a little before your reservation.

The Investment:

Crafting your custom lightsaber is an experience, and it comes with a price. But the memories and your unique lightsaber are worth it.

Carrying Your Lightsaber:

After crafting, you’ll receive a carrying case to transport your lightsaber safely. Whether you’re parading it around Disney’s Hollywood Studios or showcasing it at home, always handle with care.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the world of Star Wars at Disney World. Beyond lightsabers, the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge offers a multitude of adventures, waiting to be discovered.

disney world build your own lightsaber

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about building a lightsabre at Disney World.

What is the lightsaber experience at Disney World?

At Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you can build your own unique lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop.

Can I buy ready-made lightsabers at Disney World?

Yes, stores like Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities sell pre-made lightsabers of famous Star Wars characters.

How much does building a lightsaber cost?

Currently the cost to build a Lightsaber at Disney World is $249.99 plus tax.

How long does the lightsaber-building take?

The process at Savi’s Workshop in Disney World takes about 20-30 minutes.

Is there an age limit to build lightsabers?

It’s best for ages 5 and up, but a party member should be at least 14.

Can I carry my lightsaber around Disney World?

Yes, after making it, you can use the provided carrying case to carry it around the park.

How many lightsabers can I build in one day?

Due to reservation requirements, multiple builds in one day might be tough. It’s good to check with Disney World directly.

If my lightsaber has issues, can it be fixed?

Yes, if there are problems, return to Savi’s Workshop or contact Disney World customer services.

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