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Flying to Orlando from the UK: Top Airlines for 2024

Flying To Orlando From The UK: Top Airlines For 2024

Orlando, Florida, is a prime destination for UK travellers seeking sunshine, theme parks, and a slice of American culture.

With several airlines offering routes from the UK to Orlando, choosing the right one can make all the difference to your travel experience.

Let’s dive into what TUI, Norse, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic have to offer.

The Best Airlines for Flying to Orlando from The UK

TUI Airways: Seasonal Flights and Value Deals

TUI Airways stands out for its seasonal flights from various UK airports, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle, directly to Orlando. While it may not boast as extensive a Florida airport list as Virgin Atlantic, its direct flights to Melbourne International offer convenience.

Onboard, TUI’s airline’s meal service is decent, though not as praised as Virgin’s. Luggage allowance and flight upgrades will incur additional fees unless you’ve booked a package holiday, where these extras are typically included​​.

The Best Airlines for Flying to Orlando from The UK

Virgin Atlantic: A Wide Range of Destinations and Premium Services

Virgin Atlantic flies from Birmingham, London Heathrow, and Manchester, covering a broad array of destinations in Florida, including Orlando. It offers both direct and codeshare flights, providing flexibility in travel plans. Virgin’s in-flight entertainment is superior, with a wide selection of movies and TV shows.

The food quality is also noted to be slightly better than TUI’s. Similar to TUI, additional charges apply for luggage and seat upgrades unless included in a package deal​​.

The Best Airlines for Flying to Orlando from The UK

British Airways: The Extensive Network Advantage

British Airways excels with its vast network, offering flights to over 200 destinations worldwide, including multiple U.S. cities like Orlando. This extensive reach makes it a versatile choice for travellers from the UK.

British Airways also offers a comprehensive frequent flyer program and a variety of in-flight amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey across the Atlantic​​.

The Best Airlines for Flying to Orlando from The UK

Norse Atlantic: Budget-Friendly with Basic Amenities

As a newcomer, Norse Atlantic provides a budget-friendly alternative to traditional carriers. Operating from Gatwick to Orlando, it offers competitive prices but with a basic service model.

Expect to pay extra for any additional services, much like other low-cost carriers. Norse’s entry has introduced more competition in the market, potentially leading to better deals for travellers​​.

In-Flight Experience: Comfort and Entertainment Compared

When it comes to making the hours fly by, both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways offer an impressive array of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and music for all ages.

Their economy and premium economy services include snacks, meals, and beverages, with British Airways offering a unique café service on shorter flights​​.

Frequent Flyer Programs: Earning and Redeeming Points

Both airlines offer competitive frequent flyer programs. Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club and British Airways’ Executive Club provide opportunities to earn points through flights, hotel stays, and more.

Each program has its benefits, with Virgin Atlantic praised for straightforward point earning and British Airways offering extensive redemption options​​.

Final Thoughts

The choice between TUI, Norse, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic ultimately depends on your priorities.

Whether it’s the extensive network of British Airways, the value deals of TUI, the premium services of Virgin Atlantic, or the budget-friendly options of Norse Atlantic, each airline offers something unique for UK travellers heading to Orlando.

Consider what matters most for your trip: convenience, comfort, budget, or rewards, and choose accordingly for an enjoyable journey to the Sunshine State.

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