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Can you Take 2 Bags as Hand Luggage on TUI Flights (2024 Guide)

Can You Take 2 Bags As Hand Luggage On TUI Flights (2024 Guide)

Can you Take 2 Bags as Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

If you’re scratching your head wondering about the TUI hand baggage allowance, you’re in the right spot!

Yes, you can double the fun by taking not just one, but two pieces of hand luggage on your TUI flight.

But, like all good things, there are rules to follow. Let’s delve deep into the specifics!

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Hand Luggage Rules for TUI Flights

Weight Matters:

First things first, the total weight of your hand luggage should never cross the 10kg mark. This includes all those essentials – from laptops to cameras.

So, before zipping up that cabin bag, take a moment to weigh it.

Perfect Dimensions:

Size does matter! Each piece of hand luggage shouldn’t be bigger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm. That’s counting every bit – wheels, handles, and sneaky side pockets!

Bags flirting with bigger sizes will have to cosy up in the hold as checked in luggage.

Liquid Limitations:

Got liquids? Make sure they’re in tiny containers not more than 100ml. Pop these into a resealable plastic bag with a max capacity of a litre.

And yes, during security checks, they’ll need a little spotlight – so keep them handy to show.

Maximising Overhead Storage:

Overhead storage compartments aren’t Mary Poppins’ bags. They have limits. So, pick what goes into your hand luggage wisely.

From meds to munchies and maybe a little in-flight entertainment, prioritize what you’ll really need.

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Packing Tips for your TUI Hand Luggage:

Traveling light is an art. With TUI’s baggage allowance, you have the flexibility of two bags but mastering the art of packing can give you that extra peace of mind.

Limit yourself to essentials in your hand luggage. And if you’re wondering about bigger items or extra goodies, there’s always the option of booking checked in luggage.

Final Thoughts

Ready to jet set with TUI Airways? With this handy guide on TUI hand luggage allowance, breeze through airport check-ins and security.

Have a fabulous flight and remember, the world’s your oyster, but keep that luggage in check!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about TUI hand luggage? We’ve got you covered with this FAQ.

Can I take 2 Bags as Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

Absolutely! TUI Airways allows passengers to bring two pieces of hand luggage. However, their combined weight shouldn’t surpass 10kg.

What is the Weight Limit for Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

For those flying with TUI, the hand luggage allowance specifies a weight ceiling of 10kg.

Are there Size Restrictions for My Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

Indeed. Each item of your hand luggage shouldn’t be larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm. This counts every bit: wheels, handles, and zip compartments.

What is the Limit for Liquids on TUI Flights?

For your TUI flight, liquids in the hand luggage need to be in 100ml (or smaller) containers. Group them inside a resealable plastic bag that can hold up to a litre. Keep them handy for separate presentation at security.

Can I take Sports Equipment as Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

Taking sports equipment? TUI Airways might have special conditions. For instance, if you’re bringing diving equipment, ensure you’ve got your diving certificate. It’s always wise to check directly with TUI about guidelines or potential extra fees.

Can I take Musical Instruments as Hand Luggage on TUI Flights?

Yes, you can carry musical instruments as hand luggage. However, given the uniqueness and size variations of instruments, it’s best to consult with TUI Airways beforehand.

How does TUI’s Hand Luggage Policy Compare with Other Airlines?

Every airline plays by its own set of rules. While TUI Airways is generous with its hand luggage offerings, other airlines might have a different playbook. Always double-check the specific baggage allowances of the airline you’re set to fly with.

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