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Ultimate Guide to the TUI Premium Lounge at Birmingham Airport

Ultimate Guide To The TUI Premium Lounge At Birmingham Airport

Ultimate Guide to the TUI Premium Lounge at Birmingham Airport

Travellers flying with TUI Premium Seats from Birmingham Airport are treated to complimentary access to the No.1 Lounge, offering a plush start to their journey.

Although TUI doesn’t operate a dedicated lounge at this location, its partnership with No.1 Lounge ensures a premium lounge experience for its passengers.

What the No.1 Lounge Offers

The No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport is designed to provide travellers with a space where comfort meets convenience. Guests are welcomed with an extensive selection of drinks at the fully tended bar, including English sparkling wines, beers, and premium spirits. The lounge’s views across the runway offer a unique backdrop, allowing guests to watch planes take off and land in a relaxing environment.

Food offerings in the lounge are diverse, with hot and cold options regularly replenished to ensure freshness. The availability of juices, tea, and coffee caters to all tastes, ensuring that every traveller can find something to enjoy. The commitment to maintaining a high-quality service is evident, with the lounge staff actively working to top up the buffet, especially during busy periods.

Accessing the No.1 Lounge

For passengers flying in TUI Premium Seats, access to the No.1 Lounge is included, adding an extra layer of comfort to their travel experience.

For other travellers, the lounge is accessible by advance booking on the No.1 website or through lounge membership programs such as Priority Pass or DragonPass.

To avoid disappointment during peak times, guests are advised to pre-book their lounge access, ensuring a guaranteed spot to relax before their flight.

Final Thoughts

The No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport provides a serene and luxurious environment for TUI Premium passengers and other travellers looking for a peaceful retreat before their flight.

With its comprehensive range of beverages, food, and amenities, the lounge sets the tone for a comfortable and enjoyable journey ahead.

The high ratings on TripAdvisor are a testament to its quality, making it a preferred choice for travellers seeking a premium lounge experience.


Can TUI Premium passengers access a lounge at Birmingham Airport?

Yes, TUI Premium passengers enjoy complimentary access to the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport. This partnership ensures a relaxing pre-flight experience without the need for a dedicated TUI lounge.

What amenities are offered in the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport for TUI Premium passengers?

The No.1 Lounge provides a variety of amenities, including a fully tended bar with an extensive selection of drinks, hot and cold food options, comfortable seating with runway views, and guaranteed delay cover for direct bookers. This makes for a perfect retreat before your flight.

Do I need to book the No.1 Lounge in advance if I’m flying TUI Premium?

While TUI Premium passengers have access included, it might be beneficial to book in advance during peak times to ensure entry. For non-TUI Premium passengers, booking ahead on the No.1 website or through lounge membership programs like Priority Pass or DragonPass is advised.

How long can I stay in the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport?

Guests are typically allowed to stay in the lounge up to three hours before their flight time. This duration provides ample time to relax and enjoy the facilities before departure.

Is there a dress code for the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport?

Yes, the lounge enforces a smart-casual dress code. This includes the right to refuse entry for clothing deemed unsuitable, such as themed or fancy-dress outfits, clothes with potentially offensive slogans, sports shirts, beach flip-flops, vests, and excessively revealing attire.

Can groups access the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham Airport?

Groups are welcome in the No.1 Lounge, but it’s recommended to book as a group to ensure seating together. The lounge accepts online bookings for up to 6 people to accommodate group travellers comfortably.

What if my travel plans change after booking the No.1 Lounge?

No.1 Lounge offers flexible booking options, allowing you to amend or cancel your reservation easily. This flexibility ensures peace of mind if your travel plans are subject to change.

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