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Virgin Atlantic Kids Meals – What do kids get on a Virgin flight?

Virgin Atlantic Kids Meals – What Do Kids Get On A Virgin Flight?

Virgin Atlantic Kids Meals

Are you about to travel to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic and wondering what the kids meals are like? Well this article tells you everything you need to know about Virgin Atlantic Kids Meals.

How do Virgin Atlantic cater for children?

Fussy eaters, or picky eaters as they are commonly known, may be a challenge for parents to handle. However fussy eating on aeroplane can become even more challenging with the limited food options available. The children’s meals provided by Virgin Atlantic are designed to meet the needs of fussy eaters.

What do kids get on a Virgin flight?

The Virgin Atlantic Kids menu has been made with the fussiest child in mind, so it includes a variety of familiar dishes that are sure to tickle kids taste buds. It’s designed for children who are aged from 2 to 12 years old and have their own seat.

How to Book a Virgin Atlantic Children’s Meal?

If you’d like to book any children’s meals with Virgin Atlantic it can be easily done online in ‘My booking’ (you can do this any time from booking up to 24 hours before your flight).

Do you get free meals on Virgin Atlantic flights?

Yes, you get free meals on Virgin flights.

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