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Virgin Flydrive: A Beginners Guide to Virgin Fly Drive Holidays

Virgin Flydrive: A Beginners Guide To Virgin Fly Drive Holidays

Interested in Virgin Flydrive holidays? Want to know more about this unique travel option? You’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide insights into Virgin Flydrive, a service that allows you to explore your chosen destination at your own pace, unbound by guided tours or inflexible itineraries.

We’ll explain how you can combine flights, car rentals, and even cruises to create your ideal travel experience. Ready to learn more?

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Virgin Flydrive: Your Passport to the Open Road

Virgin Flydrive Holidays offer a unique travel experience that combines the convenience of flights to your chosen destination, such as a Florida holiday, with the flexibility of car hire. The benefits of choosing a Virgin Flydrive holiday are plenty, including convenience, flexibility, and the exciting freedom to explore at your own pace.

With endless possibilities, you can design your ultimate road trip, from city breaks and beach holidays like South Beach, to family holidays and beyond. Booking a fly drive holiday with Virgin Atlantic offers the freedom to explore a country at your own pace and schedule, presenting opportunities to visit a variety of destinations.

From the stunning beaches of Florida to the bustling city life of Cape Town, Virgin Flydrive opens the doors to endless adventure and leisure for you and your family.

fly drive holidays

Tailoring Your Virgin Flydrive Holiday

Virgin Flydrive provides an extensive range of options for flights and car rentals, enabling you to visit stunning beaches and other attractions.

Popular destinations for a Virgin Flydrive holiday include the spectacular California coast, the legendary Route 66, and sun-soaked Florida, all easily accessible with rental cars included in the package. With various types of cars available for rent through Virgin Flydrive, you can choose the perfect vehicle for your trip, from economy cars to people carriers.

The Pay Local option further enhances flexibility with car rental and payment at the rental location. The booking process is super easy and convenient, allowing you to plan trips to worldwide destinations directly through the official Virgin Flydrive website.

fly drive holidays

The Ins and Outs of Virgin Flydrive Packages

A Virgin Flydrive holiday package includes all the necessary requirements you need for a perfect getaway. It offers flights from airports like London Heathrow, car rental with 24-hour roadside assistance, an optional sat nav and a grace period for returning the car. You get additional benefits with this plan. These include free Virgin Atlantic flyer miles, $1 million third party coverage, collision damage waiver and an additional driver. With options like economy cars, intermediate, or people carriers, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect vehicle for your adventure.

Flying to Florida with Virgin Atlantic for a fly drive holiday comes with several benefits:

  • Travellers can earn Virgin Atlantic flyer miles.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage is included.
  • The option of an additional driver at no extra cost.
  • Exciting destinations and flexible car rental options.
  • Exclusive benefits.

These features make Virgin Fly, also known as virgin flydrive, the perfect choice for your next holiday.

fly drive holidays

Exclusive Benefits for Virgin Atlantic Holidays Customers

Virgin Atlantic Holidays customers can enjoy exclusive benefits, such as car upgrades, GPS, and additional driver options.

Virgin Club members get access to exclusive perks when booking Virgin Flydrive holidays. These include GPS inclusion, a free car upgrade if you choose Fully Inclusive Insurance, online check-in for expedited pick-up, and free one-way rental in select regions of the US..

The GPS inclusion allows you to have a GPS device included with your rental car, making it easier to navigate and explore your destination without the need for a separate GPS device or relying solely on your smartphone.

The additional driver option allows you to add extra drivers to your car rental agreement, typically including two additional drivers for an extra fee.

fly drive holidays

Partnering with Renowned Car Rental Companies

Virgin Flydrive partners with National and Alamo car rental companies in Orlando, ensuring a seamless and reliable car rental experience. These partnerships provide customers with convenient access to a wide range of vehicles, competitive rates, and seamless integration with Virgin Flydrive’s booking system.

Partnering with renowned car rental companies allows Virgin Flydrive to provide a superior experience, offering access to well-kept vehicles, excellent customer service, and added benefits like 24-hour roadside assistance and optional navigation systems. This collaboration allows Virgin Flydrive to offer competitive prices and comprehensive insurance coverage, giving customers confidence during their travel experience.

fly drive holidays

Setting Off from Florida: A Fly Drive Holiday Dream

Florida, the Sunshine State, is a dream destination for a Virgin Flydrive holiday, offering a diverse range of attractions and experiences for all ages. From the world-famous theme parks in Orlando to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast and the vibrant nightlife of Miami, Florida promises an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

Virgin Flydrive enables you to book flights to Orlando International Airport, Tampa International Airport, or Miami International Airport. From there, hop into your rental car and set off on a seaside drive along the Atlantic coast, visit the Kennedy Space Center near Cocoa Beach, or explore the subtropical climate and stunning beaches along the Gulf Coast.

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Crafting the Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary

Virgin Flydrive enables you to craft your ideal road trip itinerary, featuring popular destinations such as California, Route 66, and the French Riviera. Add a GPS for a stress-free trip, ensuring you can navigate the winding roads of California or the historic streets of France with ease.

Choose an exciting economy car or an upgraded intermediate vehicle to match your travel style and needs. Explore the movie star city of Los Angeles, the hills of San Francisco, and the numerous golden coasts along California’s coastline, which extends from the soft, sandy tropical beaches of San Diego near the Mexican border to the rugged northern coasts near Oregon.

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Driving on Your Own Terms: The Freedom of Fly Drive Holidays

A fly drive holiday involves flying to a destination and then driving around to explore, offering the freedom to customise your itinerary for a truly unique travel experience. Virgin Flydrive holidays provide maximum freedom and minimal hassle, enabling you to make the most of your journey. Virgin Flydrive enables travellers to personalise and enjoy their experience through the flexibility of car rental combined with their flight booking.

This means that travellers have the freedom to:

  • Explore their destination at their own leisure, without being tied to public transportation schedules or tour groups
  • Choose their own itinerary
  • Make spontaneous stops
  • Take detours as they please

virgin atlantic fly drive holiday

Adventures Beyond the USA: Virgin Flydrive Expands Horizons

With Virgin Flydrive, extend your horizon beyond the USA and visit global destinations like Cape Town, Nice, and Malaga. Each destination offers its own unique attractions and experiences, allowing you to create a truly unforgettable journey. In Cape Town, you can enjoy the convenience of Virgin Flydrive’s car hire services, with excellent rates and incredible Avios points on rental.

Drive along the stunning coastal scenery of the Cape Peninsula, visit the penguins at Simons Town, or take in the breath-taking views of Garden Route National Park. In Malaga, a car rental allows you to visit the Botanical Gardens, Torremolinos, and Benalmadena. No matter your destination, Virgin Flydrive offers the freedom and flexibility to explore, discover, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

virgin atlantic holidays

Practical Tips for Fly Drive Travellers

As a fly drive traveller, ease your journey by acquainting yourself with general US driving rules and particular driving regulations in different states.

Some recommended navigation apps for road trips in the USA are:

  • Roadtrippers
  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • Here WeGo

Taking safety measures during a fly drive holiday, such as reducing your speed, avoiding distractions, and practicing defensive driving techniques, is also important. Car insurance with Virgin Flydrive is included in the package, meaning you don’t need to worry about any extra car insurance. With the right preparation and practical tips, you can confidently navigate your journey and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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Virgin Flydrive: More Than Just a Car Hire

Virgin Flydrive extends beyond a mere car hire service, providing exclusive benefits and services for an enhanced fly drive holiday experience. In some cases, the Flydrive package (flights and hire car) offered by Virgin Holidays can be cheaper than booking just the flights alone, making it an unbeatable option for travellers.

Providing customised kids’ entertainment on every flight and a Family genre for older children, Virgin Flydrive guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable journey for the entire family. With complimentary parking and kids eating free at select restaurants with a full paying adult, Virgin Flydrive goes above and beyond to make your trip special and memorable.

virgin atlantic fly drive holiday

Making Memories: Family-Friendly Fly Drive Options

Virgin Flydrive features family-friendly destinations such as sunny California, iconic Route 66, and enchanting Orlando, offering a variety of family-appropriate activities and attractions.

With larger vehicles like minivans and SUVs available, Virgin Flydrive can accommodate large families, providing amenities like child safety seats and GPS devices for a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Family-friendly destinations such as the world-famous theme parks in Orlando, beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast, and vibrant nightlife in Miami ensure an unforgettable adventure for everyone in the family.

With Virgin Flydrive, you can create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds while exploring the world together.

virgin atlantic holidays

Save and Sail Away: Combining Fly Drive with Cruise Options

A thrilling method to enrich your Virgin Flydrive holiday is by pairing it with a cruise. Fly to your desired destination, rent a car, and explore the area for a few days before boarding your cruise ship for the ultimate travel experience.

There are amazing discounts and packages available when combining Flydrive and cruise options, which can be found on websites such as:

  • P&O Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Virgin Holidays
  • Cruise118

Combining Flydrive and cruise options can save money in several ways, such as package deals, cost-sharing, all-inclusive options, and avoiding extra costs. .

Experience the best of both worlds, with the freedom of a road trip and the relaxation of a cruise, creating unforgettable memories on your journey.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored in this blog post, Virgin Flydrive holidays offer the ultimate travel experience, combining flights, car rental, and even cruise options for maximum flexibility and freedom. With endless possibilities, customisable itineraries, and exclusive benefits, Virgin Flydrive allows you to create unforgettable memories while exploring the world at your own pace.

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Is Virgin Holidays a tour operator?

Yes, Virgin Holidays is a tour operator with over 35 years of experience in the industry. As the largest transatlantic tour operator and market leader for travel to the USA and the Caribbean, they certainly offer incredible holiday experiences.

Does fly drive include hotel?

Fly drive packages from FREEDOM include flights and car hire, so you can create your perfect holiday – just book your accommodation separately for that complete fly drive experience.

Can I use air miles with Virgin Holidays?

Yes – you can use your air miles with Virgin Holidays! Redeem your points online, in store or over the phone and pay down existing balances using Virgin Points. Enjoy your discounted holiday!

How does a fly drive holiday work?

A flydrive holiday is a great way to explore, combining return Virgin Atlantic flights and car hire for the duration of your travels. Simply pick up your car at the destination airport and drive around the area, seeing different places and eventually ending up back at the departure airport. It’s an adventurous way to explore with complete flexibility!

What destinations can I explore with Virgin Flydrive?

Discover amazing destinations with Virgin Flydrive – from Cape Town to Nice, Malaga to California, Route 66 to Florida!

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