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What is the Best Month to Go to Orlando Florida?

What Is The Best Month To Go To Orlando Florida?

What is the Best Month to Go to Orlando Florida?

electing the best month to visit Orlando, Florida, hinges on a balance of weather preferences, crowd levels, and event schedules.

Here’s a month-by-month guide to help you plan your visit.

January kicks off with mild weather, with highs around 22°C and lows near 11°C. The month is quieter post-holiday season, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful visit. Key events include Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts​​.

February continues the trend of pleasant weather, perfect for exploring the theme parks and outdoors. Crowds are manageable except during Presidents’ Day and the UK half-term. Don’t miss Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration​​.

March sees a warm up, with temperatures reaching 27°C, perfect for waterpark visits. However, spring break can increase crowd levels. The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is a highlight​​.

April brings warmer days with highs around 29°C. Spring break crowds may linger, but the weather is ideal for visiting theme parks. The Florida Film Festival and Disney’s Star Wars Rival Run weekend are notable events​​.

What is the Best Month to Go to Orlando Florida

May marks the onset of warmer weather, with daytime temperatures in the mid-30s. Crowds are still on the lower side, making it a great time for visits before the summer rush. Cinco de Mayo and MEGACON Orlando are key happenings​​.

June introduces the summer heat and humidity, with highs of 32°C. It’s a peak time due to school holidays, so expect busier theme parks. Events include Bite:30 and the Silver Spurs Rodeo​​.

July continues the hot and humid trend, with temperatures peaking around 32°C. It’s one of the busiest months, so planning for crowds and afternoon rain showers is wise​​.

August remains hot, with average highs still around 32°C. Crowds start to lessen as the month progresses, offering a slightly quieter experience towards the end​​.

September sees a reduction in both temperature and crowd levels, making it an excellent choice for those seeking deals and lesser crowds. Events kick off the Halloween season, including Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party​​.

October enjoys cooler weather and continued Halloween festivities. It’s a popular month for theme park events, with slightly higher crowd levels than September​​.

November offers cooler weather and the beginning of holiday events, with temperatures making it comfortable for exploration. Early November is quieter, but Thanksgiving week sees a spike in visitors​​.

December is festive and busy, with holiday decorations and events throughout the city. Weather is cooler, perfect for enjoying the outdoor festivities, though it’s one of the busiest times to visit​​.

What is the Best Month to Go to Orlando Florida?

Final Thoughts

For Brits planning a trip to Orlando, timing your visit can significantly impact your experience. Whether you’re seeking the best weather, aiming to avoid crowds, or hoping to catch special events, each month offers something unique.

Consider your priorities whether it’s mild weather, minimal crowds, or participating in specific events to decide when to make your trip for an unforgettable Orlando holiday.


What’s the best time of year for pleasant weather in Orlando?

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) offer the most comfortable weather for outdoor activities, with mild temperatures and lower humidity​​.

Is summer a good time to visit Orlando?

Summer (June to August) in Orlando is hot and humid, with average temperatures peaking at 32°C. While it’s the peak season attracting large crowds, there are plenty of indoor attractions and water parks to cool down​​.

Can I enjoy an autumn visit to Orlando?

Autumn in Orlando is ideal for visitors seeking good weather, fewer crowds, and lower travel costs. October is particularly popular for its Halloween-themed events across the theme parks​​.

How is Orlando in winter?

Winter (December to February) is a fantastic time to visit Orlando due to moderate crowds, cooler weather, and holiday-themed park events. It’s a great period to enjoy festive decorations and special activities​​.

Are there specific months to avoid due to weather in Orlando?

While Orlando is a year-round destination, summer months can be extremely hot and coincide with hurricane season. If you prefer cooler temperatures and less chance of rain, consider avoiding June through August​​​​.

What does October offer for visitors to Orlando?

October brings cooler temperatures, making it comfortable for visiting theme parks and enjoying outdoor activities. It’s also a great time for Halloween events, especially at Universal Studios Florida with its Halloween Horror Nights​​.

What should I expect weather-wise in November and December in Orlando?

November sees warm, dry days ideal for exploring, with temperatures around 25°C. December welcomes holiday crowds, with pleasantly warm and dry weather, perfect for enjoying the festive atmosphere in the parks​​.

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