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Hurricane Season in Orlando: What to Expect when you Visit this Season

Hurricane Season In Orlando: What To Expect When You Visit This Season

Orlando, Florida might be synonymous with sun-filled days, but it’s essential for British tourists to be aware of the Atlantic hurricane season when planning their visits. Unlike the predictable rain in the UK, Florida’s hurricane season, spanning from June to November, brings storms that can pack a punch with dangerous winds and significant disruptions.

While Orlando’s inland location shields it from the brunt of coastal hurricanes, it’s not entirely immune to the weather events they bring. Staying informed is your first line of defence. Even before jetting off, keep a tab on the tropical weather coverage daily and bookmark the National Hurricane Center’s website. Their timely updates throughout the season can help tourists adjust plans and stay safe, ensuring the holiday doesn’t turn into a weather-watching affair.

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Travel Insurance and Preparations

Travel insurance is a must for any trip, but when heading to Orlando during hurricane season, it’s essential to double-check that your policy covers natural disasters.

An extra bit of coverage could save British travellers from hefty unexpected costs and logistical nightmares. Given the unpredictability of hurricanes, ensuring your policy also covers trip disruptions or cancellations due to weather phenomena will give you that added peace of mind.

Once in Orlando, consider your accommodation as a potential sanctuary. If you’re visiting during peak hurricane periods, having a stash of essential snacks, water, and some entertainment like books or card games becomes crucial.

If you’re holed up in your hotel due to stormy weather, a good British brew and some snacks can make the experience a bit more comfortable.

If you are staying at a Disney Resort read our guide on How Disney World Protects their Guests During Hurricanes

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Packing Smartly

Packing for Orlando generally involves swimsuits, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. However, if your trip coincides with the hurricane season, a few additional items can make a world of difference.

A reliable raincoat and waterproof footwear are essential to keep you dry during sudden downpours or stormy weather.

Furthermore, don’t forget to pack a portable phone charger. Hurricanes can sometimes lead to power disruptions, and having your devices charged ensures you stay connected.

While it’s unlikely you’ll face extreme conditions in Orlando, being prepared allows British tourists to focus on enjoying their holiday rather than battling unexpected weather woes.

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Final Thoughts

Orlando promises an unforgettable experience, filled with thrilling adventures and beautiful memories.

A touch of preparation ensures that even the formidable hurricane season remains just a footnote in your travel story.

With the right information, insurance, and packing strategy, British tourists can embrace Orlando in all its glory, come rain or shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on how to prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida.

What is the Atlantic hurricane season?

The Atlantic hurricane season typically runs from June 1st to November 30th. During this period, the Atlantic basin, which includes the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico, sees the highest likelihood of hurricanes and tropical storms.

How often does Orlando get hit by hurricanes?

While Orlando is somewhat inland, it still can be affected by hurricanes. Historically, the city sees the effects of a hurricane or tropical storm every 2-3 years, but direct hits are less frequent.

Is it safe to visit Florida during the hurricane season?

Yes, it’s safe, but it’s crucial to stay updated on Orlando weather forecasts and be prepared. The National Hurricane Center and local site’s apps provide real-time updates. It’s always a good idea to consider travel insurance during the peak hurricane season months.

How can I best prepare for a hurricane while on holiday?

Stay informed by monitoring tropical weather coverage daily, have an evacuation plan, and pack an emergency bag. It’s also advisable to have travel insurance and familiarise yourself with your lodging’s hurricane policies.

What’s the difference between a hurricane, a tropical storm, and a tropical cyclone?

A tropical cyclone is a generic term used for a low-pressure system over tropical waters. When a cyclone’s maximum sustained winds reach 39 mph, it’s termed a tropical storm. When those winds reach 74 mph, it’s upgraded to a hurricane.

Do hurricanes only occur in the Atlantic?

No, hurricanes occur in various parts of the world, but they are named differently based on the region. In the Atlantic and Caribbean, they are called hurricanes. In the western Pacific, they’re termed typhoons, and in the south Pacific and Indian Ocean, they’re called cyclones.

When is the peak of the hurricane season in Orlando?

The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and consequently for Orlando, is from mid-August to mid-October. During these months, there’s a higher likelihood of hurricanes and tropical storms.

How are hurricanes categorised?

Hurricanes are categorized based on their wind speed using the Saffir-Simpson scale. It ranges from Category 1 (least severe) to Category 5 (most severe), with each category indicating potential damage levels and storm surge heights.

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