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Starbucks at Disney World: All the Starbucks Locations at WDW

Starbucks At Disney World: All The Starbucks Locations At WDW

Heading to Walt Disney World and in need of your Starbucks fix? You’re in luck! The most magical place on earth also caters to your coffee cravings with several Starbucks locations scattered across its theme parks and Disney Springs.

In this guide we cover all the Starbucks locations in Disney World so you can get your coffee fix!

Key Takeaways

  • Starbucks at Every Corner: Find your favourite Starbucks drinks and snacks at multiple locations across Disney World, including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs.
  • Unique Starbucks Experiences: Each Starbucks location at Disney World offers a unique ambiance, from the early 20th-century decor of Main Street Bakery to the trolley car station theme of Trolley Car Cafe.
  • More Than Just Coffee: Enjoy a variety of snacks at Disney World’s Starbucks locations, from classic Starbucks offerings to Disney-inspired treats and healthy options.

Starbucks at Disney World

Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery

In Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Bakery doubles as the park’s Starbucks stop. It’s easily found on the right side of Main Street as you walk towards Cinderella Castle. Here, amidst the charming early 20th-century decor, you can enjoy your favourite Starbucks beverages and snacks​​​​.

EPCOT’s Connections Cafe

Located in EPCOT, Connections Cafe is a convenient place for grabbing a coffee after exploring Spaceship Earth or shopping at the nearby Creations Shop. It offers indoor seating, providing a cool respite from the park’s excitement​​.

Hollywood Studios’ Trolley Car Cafe

Trolley Car Cafe at Hollywood Studios captures the essence of old Hollywood, situated on Hollywood Boulevard just before the turn to Sunset Boulevard. The cafe is themed like a trolley car station, adding a unique twist to your coffee experience​​​​.

Starbucks at Disney World

Animal Kingdom’s Creature Comforts

In Animal Kingdom, Creature Comforts is your go-to Starbucks, located between Discovery Island and the bridge to Africa. Its design blends seamlessly with the park’s theme, making it a perfect spot to recharge before your next adventure​​​​.

Disney Springs’ Dual Starbucks Delights

Disney Springs houses two distinct Starbucks locations. The Marketplace outpost is a convenient walk-up kiosk, ideal for quick grabs, situated near the World of Disney store.

On the West Side, near the Aerophile balloon, you’ll find a full-service Starbucks with indoor and outdoor seating, offering a comprehensive menu and special reserve coffees​​​​​​.

Starbucks at Disney World

Delicious Snacks to Enjoy at Disney World Starbucks

When visiting Starbucks at Disney World, you’re in for more than just a cup of coffee. Each location offers a variety of snacks that are perfect for a quick bite between rides or while enjoying the ambiance of the parks. Here’s what you can expect in terms of snacks at Disney World’s Starbucks locations:

Classic Starbucks Offerings: Across all locations, you’ll find classic Starbucks snacks that you know and love. This includes a range of pastries like croissants, muffins, and their famous banana bread. You can also enjoy various bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and protein boxes for a more substantial snack​​.

Disney-Inspired Treats: Starbucks locations within the Disney parks often feature special items inspired by Disney characters or themes. These can range from specially decorated cupcakes to cookies and other baked goods that you won’t find at your regular Starbucks store​​.

Seasonal Specialties: Depending on the time of year you visit, you might find seasonal specialties available at the Disney World Starbucks locations. These can include holiday-themed treats and beverages that add an extra touch of magic to your Disney experience​​.

Disney Springs Exclusives: The Starbucks stores at Disney Springs, particularly the one on the West Side, tend to have a broader selection of snacks, including some unique to these locations. You might find specialty items or limited-time offerings that are perfect for enjoying alongside your favourite Starbucks drink​​.

Healthy Options: For those looking for healthier snack options, Starbucks at Disney World has you covered. You’ll find a selection of fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, and other healthier choices to keep you energized without the guilt​​.

Starbucks at Disney World

Final Thoughts

No matter where you are in Walt Disney World, a comforting Starbucks beverage is never too far away. Each spot offers a unique ambiance, ensuring your coffee breaks are as memorable as your park experiences.

So, whether you need a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon energy boost, these Starbucks locations have you covered.


Can I use my Starbucks app to pay at Disney World locations?

Yes, you can use your Starbucks app to pay at all Starbucks locations within Disney World, including Main Street Bakery and Trolley Car Cafe. Remember, Disney Springs locations, like the West Side store, allow you to redeem rewards as well​​.

Are there any unique menu items available at Disney World’s Starbucks locations?

Absolutely! Besides the usual favourites, Disney World Starbucks locations offer unique items, especially at Disney Springs stores. Look out for Disney-inspired and specialty beverages at Disney Springs West Side and other park locations like Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom​​​​.

Do Starbucks locations at Disney World offer mobile ordering?

Mobile order services are available at Disney Springs Starbucks locations. While in-park locations like the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom or Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom don’t offer mobile ordering, you can still enjoy the convenience at Disney Springs​​.

Can I earn and redeem Starbucks Stars at Disney World locations?

You can earn Stars at all Disney World Starbucks, including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and more, using the Starbucks app. However, redeeming Stars for free drinks is exclusive to the Disney Springs Starbucks locations​​​​.

Can I find exclusive Starbucks merchandise at Disney World?

Yes, Starbucks at Disney World offers exclusive merchandise, like the coveted Disney-themed mugs, available at various locations across the parks and Disney Springs. These unique items are perfect keepsakes or gifts for coffee and Disney enthusiasts​​.

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