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The Best Sandwich Shops in Kissimmee: Our Top Picks for 2024

The Best Sandwich Shops In Kissimmee: Our Top Picks For 2024

When your stomach starts rumbling for something deliciously stacked and satisfying, Kissimmee’s top-rated sandwich shops are your go-to destinations.

From authentic flavors to creative takes on classic combinations, these must-try sandwich places in Kissimmee cater to every palate and craving.

What’s more, they’re not just places to eat but local landmarks where food becomes an experience, and every sandwich tells a story.

Ready to explore the best sandwich stores in Kissimmee? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways 

  • Diverse Flavors: Discover Kissimmee’s top sandwich shops offering a range of flavors from Puerto Rican to Italian and Cuban delights.
  • Local Favorites: Experience unique local landmarks and the stories behind each sandwich at Kissimmee’s favorite eateries.
  • Healthy Options: Enjoy health-conscious choices with fresh, artisan sandwiches at places like Panera Bread in Kissimmee.

1. Meson Sandwiches: A Bite of Puerto Rican Delight

Your search for the taste of Puerto Rico in Kissimmee ends at Meson Sandwiches (Osceola Parkway). Known for its Majorca with Swiss, Meson Sandwiches offers a menu brimming with authentic Puerto Rican flavors, making it one of Kissimmee’s finest sandwich shops. The tropical twist on traditional sandwiches is both refreshing and delectable.

2. Firehouse Subs: Heroes of the Hearty Sub

There’s no mistaking the satisfying heft of a sub from Firehouse Subs Kissimmee. Inspired by the heroism of firefighters, this sandwich shop delivers on variety and heartiness. With a commitment to both community service and flavor, Firehouse Subs stands out as a top-rated gathering spot for sandwich lovers in Kissimmee.

3. Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant: Authentic Italian Flavor

Step into Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant and be whisked away to Italy with an explosion of authentic Italian flavors. Whether you’re diving into a Chicken Caprese sub or relishing the zesty Buffalo sub, this restaurant earns its reputation as one of the best sandwich stores in Kissimmee for its unparalleled Italian fare.

4. El Punto Sandwich Cafe: Caribbean Flavors Meet Fresh Bread

At El Punto Sandwich Cafe, the spirit of the Caribbean islands infuses every bite. Known for its fusion of warm island spices and freshly baked bread, El Punto crafts sandwiches that resonate with Kissimmee’s tropical backdrop, making it a standout among must-try sandwich places in Kissimmee.

5. Buchito: The Cuban Sandwich Craze

Capture the essence of Cuba in Buchito’s mouthwatering sandwiches. Celebrated for its authentic Cuban sandwiches, Buchito has secured a place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The search for the best Cuban sandwich leads here, adding to Kissimmee’s vibrant and diverse sandwich scene.

6. Panera Bread: Health-Conscious Artisan Sandwiches

If your preferences lean towards the lighter, health-conscious side without sacrificing taste, Panera Bread is your sanctuary. This location serves up artisan sandwiches that pair fresh, wholesome ingredients with gourmet sophistication, proving that the best sandwich stores in Kissimmee can also be good for you.

Final Word

So go ahead, satisfy that sandwich craving, and see why each of these spots ranks high on the list of must-try sandwich shops in Kissimmee. Whether you lean towards the traditional or have a hunger for something new and exotic, Kissimmee’s sandwich scene has a seat at the table with your name on it.


What are some of the best sandwich shops in Kissimmee?

The best sandwich shops in Kissimmee include Meson Sandwiches on Osceola Parkway, Firehouse Subs, Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant, El Punto Sandwich Cafe, Buchito, and Panera Bread, all offering a variety of flavors and sandwich experiences.

Where can I find Puerto Rican flavors in a sandwich in Kissimmee?

You can savor Puerto Rican flavors at Meson Sandwiches (Osceola Parkway), where they serve up authentic sandwiches like the Majorca with Swiss, among others.

Are there any sandwich shops in Kissimmee that serve health-conscious options?

Yes, Panera Bread offers a variety of health-conscious artisan sandwiches, perfect for those looking for lighter, nutritious options.

Can I find traditional Cuban sandwiches in Kissimmee?

Absolutely! Buchito is famous for its traditional Cuban sandwiches that are a must-try for any sandwich lover visiting Kissimmee.

Are there any Italian delis in Kissimmee that offer authentic sandwiches?

Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant is the place to go for authentic Italian sandwiches and deli specials in Kissimmee.

Is there a place in Kissimmee where I can enjoy Caribbean-flavored sandwiches?

El Punto Sandwich Cafe is renowned for its Caribbean-flavored sandwiches, combining island spices with freshly baked bread for a tropical taste sensation.

What are some of the top-rated sandwich shops in Kissimmee?

Top-rated sandwich shops in Kissimmee include Meson Sandwiches (Osceola Parkway), Firehouse Subs Kissimmee, Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant, and more, each being a must-try spot for sandwich enthusiasts.

Are there any sandwich shops near me in Kissimmee known for their hearty subs?

Yes, Firehouse Subs in Kissimmee is known for their generously stuffed subs with a variety of toppings and flavors, inspired by the heritage of firefighting.

Where can I find Kissimmee’s finest sandwich shops?

You’ll find Kissimmee’s finest sandwich shops in various locations like Meson Sandwiches (Osceola Parkway), Firehouse Subs, and others, all offering premium sandwich experiences.

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