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Can You Keep Virgin Atlantic Salt and Pepper Shakers?

Can You Keep Virgin Atlantic Salt And Pepper Shakers?

Ever flown with Virgin Atlantic and spotted those irresistible salt and pepper shakers during your meal? They’re not just any in-flight accessories; they’ve become somewhat of a collector’s item. But the question is, can you actually take them home without stepping over the line?

Virgin Atlantic’s Stance on Those Cute Shakers

Officially, everything on board, including the salt and pepper shakers, should stay there. But Virgin Atlantic has added a twist. Each shaker is marked with “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic” on the bottom, which feels like a playful nod to their popularity among passengers.

Can You Keep Virgin Atlantic Salt and Pepper Shakers?

A Friendly Gesture from Virgin

Virgin Atlantic prides itself on exceptional customer service, and this extends to their approach towards the shakers. If you really love them, asking a crew member politely might just work in your favour. The airline understands their appeal and occasionally allows passengers to take them as a token of their flight experience.

Can You Keep Virgin Atlantic Salt and Pepper Shakers?

How to Get Your Hands on Virgin Atlantic Memorabilia Properly

If you’re keen on taking a piece of your flight experience home, here are a few tips:

  • Ask Nicely: Expressing your admiration for the shakers and asking if you can keep one often leads to a positive response. It’s all about how you ask.
  • Official Merchandise: Virgin Atlantic sells its own merchandise, including replicas of these iconic shakers. This is a sure-fire way to own a piece without any worry.
  • Appreciate, Don’t Take: The unique items on your flight are part of what makes Virgin Atlantic special. Enjoy them while onboard, and leave them for others to enjoy too.

Final Thoughts

The salt and pepper shakers from Virgin Atlantic flights have captured the hearts of many travellers. While the airline’s official policy is to leave everything onboard, they’ve shown flexibility for those who ask politely.

For a hassle-free option, consider purchasing items directly from Virgin Atlantic’s merchandise collection. This way, you can cherish a part of your journey without any concerns.

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