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Is a Pokemon Themed Land Coming to Universal Studios in Orlando? 

Is A Pokemon Themed Land Coming To Universal Studios In Orlando? 

Universal Orlando is rumoured to be planning a new theme park land based on the globally popular video game franchise, Pokémon.

This addition is expected to follow the launch of Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando in 2025.

Pokémon Partnership with Universal Studios

In 2021, The Pokémon Company announced a partnership with Universal Studios to create a ‘uniquely Pokémon experience’.

While details of the attraction have remained under wraps, new rumours suggest that a similar Pokémon-themed area, referred to as Pokémon Land, is planned for Universal Orlando.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the theme park industry, bringing together two giants from the world of entertainment and gaming.

Pokémon Ride Rumours

The Pokémon ride is expected to use augmented reality. This ride would simulate a Pokémon battle in a vehicle, with players issuing attack commands through hand gestures.

This immersive experience aims to bring the thrill of Pokémon battles to life, allowing fans to feel like they’re in the heart of the action.

The use of augmented reality technology could provide a unique, interactive experience that blurs the line between the virtual world of Pokémon and reality.

Interactive Pokémon Experience

In addition to the ride, attendees may be able to purchase an interactive pokéball to catch Pokémon, all connected to an app.

This interactive experience is reminiscent of the Power Up bands at Super Nintendo World. The potential for an interactive Pokémon experience could revolutionize the way visitors engage with theme parks.

Imagine walking around Universal Orlando, pokéball in hand, catching Pokémon as if you were in the game itself. This could provide a whole new level of engagement and fun for visitors of all ages.

Pokémon Land Opening Date

While Pokémon Land in Orlando was initially speculated to open by 2030, new rumours suggest it could open several years sooner.

This accelerated timeline could be a response to the growing demand for video game-based attractions in theme parks.

The earlier opening date could also align with significant anniversaries or product launches within the Pokémon franchise, providing synergistic marketing opportunities.

Zelda and Luigi Mansion Rides are also rumoured

Pokemon Land isn’t the only rumour floating around! Apparently a Luigi’s Mansion and Zelda Ride is in the works too!

Learn more in the video below:


While these are still rumours, the potential for a Pokémon Land at Universal Orlando Park is an exciting prospect for fans worldwide.

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