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Which Disabilities are Eligible for a DAS Pass at Disney World

Which Disabilities Are Eligible For A DAS Pass At Disney World

Which Disabilities are eligible for a DAS Pass at Disney World?

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort is a dream come true for many, no matter their age or ability. The resort has been steadfast in making this dream a reality for individuals with disabilities, thanks to the Disney’s DAS program. The Disability Access Service, or DAS Pass, exists to make the magical experience more accessible to guests with varying disabilities.

Here, we delve into the different kinds of disabilities that make guests eligible for a Disney DAS Pass, and the steps you need to take to obtain one.

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Qualifying Disabilities for the DAS Pass at Disney World

Different types of disabilities make a guest eligible for a DAS Pass at Disney World. These fall under several categories:

Cognitive Disabilities:

Disney World warmly welcomes guests grappling with cognitive disabilities. These individuals may face challenges processing and understanding information, struggle with communication, memory issues, and executive functioning abilities.

Physical Disabilities:

Guests with physical disabilities may find mobility or fine motor skills tasks challenging. The DAS Pass at Disney World ensures they can navigate the theme park more comfortably.

Sensory Disabilities:

Walt Disney World Resort offers considerations to guests with sensory disabilities. These disabilities could affect any of their senses such as vision, hearing, or touch.

Anxiety Disorders:

Guests diagnosed with anxiety disorders, who may have trouble managing their anxiety in crowded or unfamiliar spaces, can also benefit from the DAS Pass.

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Steps to Obtain a DAS Pass

Once you identify with a disability that qualifies for the DAS Pass, your journey to obtaining one begins at the Guest Relations of the theme park. You’ll need to have a conversation with a Cast Member and present proof of your disability, which could include a doctor’s note.

Upon approval, you’ll receive a card granting you access to the DAS system at Disney World. The DAS Pass is similar to the previous FastPass+ system, allowing guests with disabilities to acquire a return time for attractions based on the current standby wait time.

With the obtained return time, you can return to the attraction at the allotted time and use the exclusive DAS entry queue.

Final Thoughts

The Disney World’s DAS program significantly enhances the accessibility of the park for guests with disabilities. The DAS Pass is a testament to Walt Disney World Resort’s commitment to creating a magical and inclusive experience for all its visitors.

Should you have further questions about the DAS Pass or need clarification on eligible disabilities, don’t hesitate to speak to a Cast Member at Guest Relations. Remember, the magic of the Disney experience app is available to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning a theme park visit and wondering, ‘What disabilities qualify for DAS Pass at Disney World?’, then you’ve come to the right place! This FAQ section aims to provide clear and concise information to help you get the most out of your trip.

What is a Disney DAS Pass?

DAS Pass, short for Disability Access Service, is a system introduced by Walt Disney World to accommodate guests with disabilities who may not be able to tolerate long queues. It allows these guests and their parties to schedule return times for attractions, reducing the need to stand in regular queue lines.

How does the DAS at Disney World work?

DAS at Disney World operates as a virtual waiting system. Guests with a DAS Pass can approach a cast member at an attraction and receive a return time comparable to the current wait time. During this period, they are free to enjoy other areas of the park. Once their return time arrives, they are granted immediate access to the ride.

Who qualifies for a DAS Pass?

DAS Passes are intended for guests who, due to a disability, cannot tolerate extended waits for attractions. This includes individuals with physical disabilities, as well as those with cognitive, sensory, and other invisible disabilities.

Can I use the DAS Pass for the same ride multiple times?

Yes, you can use the DAS Pass for the same ride more than once during your visit. However, you must obtain a new return time from a cast member for each ride, even if it’s the same one.

How do I apply for a DAS Pass for my upcoming Disney World trip?

To apply for a DAS Pass, you need to visit Guest Relations at any of the four Walt Disney World parks on the first day of your visit. The cast members there will engage in a consultation process with you to evaluate your needs and guide you through the process of obtaining the pass.

Can I use my DAS Pass at every attraction at Walt Disney World?

The DAS Pass can be used at nearly every attraction within the Walt Disney World parks. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with a cast member at each attraction to ensure it’s available.

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