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Your Quick and Easy Guide to the Disney DAS Pass (2024 Guide)

Your Quick And Easy Guide To The Disney DAS Pass (2024 Guide)

Welcome to the Walt Disney World Resort, a place where magic meets imagination and where every visitor is valued. This includes guests with disabilities. Enter the Disney DAS Pass (Disability Access Service Pass), a thoughtful initiative to ensure all visitors enjoy their stay.

This guide takes you through the process, giving you tips on how to make your Disney World autism-friendly and accessible.

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Do You Qualify for the Disney DAS Pass at Walt Disney World?

The first step is to determine your eligibility for the DAS Pass. This service is specifically designed for guests unable to tolerate the current standby wait time due to disabilities.

Disney’s Guest Relations is the heart of the DAS system, ready to accommodate visitors with cognitive disabilities and other challenges, making their Disney experience seamless and enjoyable.

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How to Apply for the Disney DAS Pass?

Applying for the Disney DAS Pass is a simple process. With your park tickets in hand, visit Guest Relations located at the theme park entrance.

You can also pre-register for the DAS Pass 30 days before your visit using the Disney Experience App. A live video chat option is available for a hassle-free process.

During the chat, a Disney cast member will assist with the DAS advance selections and schedule return times for up to two experiences per day.

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Using your Disney DAS Pass

Whether you’re eager to soar with Dumbo the flying elephant at the Haunted Mansion or ready to set sail on Peter Pan’s Flight Pirates, the DAS Pass grants immediate access to all these and other attractions. When your DAS Pass return time arrives, head to the Lightning Lane entrance to gain access, leaving the standby line behind.

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The magic of the Walt Disney World Resort should be accessible and enjoyable for all guests. The Disney DAS Pass is a testament to this commitment.

From taking a journey under the sea with Ariel to embarking on a daring expedition in Animal Kingdom, the DAS Pass ensures you have the best possible theme park visit.

Don’t let the lines deter you from creating magical memories. With the DAS pass, your adventure at the Walt Disney World Resort will be smooth, accessible, and unforgettable. Remember, magic truly is for everyone!

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What is the Disney DAS Pass at Walt Disney World Resort?

The Disney DAS Pass is the Disability Access Service Pass offered by Disney World. This service is designed for guests with disabilities, including autism, who cannot tolerate the current standby wait times at attractions. The DAS Pass offers an alternative way to access attractions.

How to apply for the Disney DAS Pass?

You can apply for the Disney DAS Pass in person at Guest Relations locations at any of the Walt Disney World theme parks. You can also pre-register for the DAS Pass up to 30 days prior to your visit through a live video chat in the Disney Experience App.

How does the Disney DAS Pass work at Magic Kingdom?

The DAS Pass grants you immediate access to attractions at the Magic Kingdom via the Lightning Lane entrance. Instead of waiting in the standby queue, you are given a return time similar to the current standby wait time. When your return time arrives, you can enter the attraction.

Can I use the DAS Pass at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Yes, the Disney DAS Pass is valid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as the other Disney parks. To use the pass, visit any Guest Experience Team location within the park to schedule your DAS return time for your chosen attractions.

Do I need a doctor’s note to apply for the DAS Pass at Disney World?

As per the Disney policy, a doctor’s note is not required to apply for the DAS Pass. Disney’s Guest Relations cast members will discuss your specific needs to determine eligibility for DAS.

Can the Disney DAS Pass be used for the same ride multiple times?

Yes, you can use the DAS Pass for the same ride multiple times. However, you must wait for the DAS return time for each ride, which is equivalent to the current standby wait time.

How many guests can accompany a DAS holder?

A DAS holder can be accompanied by up to six guests. This means a total of six people, including the DAS holder, can avail of the DAS return times.

Does the DAS Pass grant immediate access to all attractions?

The DAS Pass does not grant immediate access to all attractions, but it allows you to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current standby wait time for the attraction. This helps reduce the amount of time spent physically waiting in line.

How to use the Disney Experience App for the DAS Pass?

The Disney Experience App can be used to pre-register for the DAS Pass via a live video call with a Disney cast member. The app also allows you to schedule DAS return times and view current standby wait times for attractions at the park.

What other services does Disney offer to assist guests with disabilities?

Disney offers several services to assist guests with disabilities, including accessible rooms at Disney Resort hotels, rental of wheelchairs and ECVs, visual and hearing accommodations, and dietary accommodations at restaurants. The Disney Experience App is also screen reader friendly, making it more accessible for visually impaired guests.

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